Palette Challenge Contest!


It’s time for another contest ladies and gents, this time, we’re putting a new spin on the TPC we used to do.


The rules this time around are simple; you can only building using the specified blocks. JUST those blocks. The building can be of anything of your choice, as big or small as you’d like, but you can only use the 5 blocks I show below. (This includes, no using stairs/slabs/fences unless I specifically show a stair slab or fence!)

See below for the palette:

Quartz block, Lapis Block, Spruce Stair, Sandstone block and Anvil (if you need to use barriers to make the anvils cooperate, that’s fine too)


Contest is open as of this post, and entries close on the 30th of September. Winners will be announced shortly after.

To enter, post a screenshot of your build, and also the plot tp command to access your plot in the replies below.


FIRST PRIZE: 1 Month of World Edit + 1 extra creative world plot
2x RUNNER UP: 1 extra creative world plot

(If you win first and already have a world edit sub, you can extend your own sub for an extra month, or donate it to a friend)


The mighty dreadnought, rainer of doom from above;

Pretty photos (shaders but dark inside)

Clear photos (no shaders but night vision)

Plot ID: 11;16

Many thanks to @ironly for pasting it in for me when I was unable to finish my manual transfer in time.


Chimé – Guardian of Plenty. Roaming the skies of Ebonya, he is said to let fall the precious stones hanging from his wings upon the poor and needy. At least that’s what the emperors tell the farmers – can’t find precious stones if you’re not tending miserably to your field!

/plot visit holychicken7 6

ID: 14;13


plot ID -2;6


Interdimensional invaders are are knocking our universe’s front door, and they’re about to let themselves in! Earth’s defenses are surely no match for their out-of-this-world technology. Whatever will we do?

/p visit Alexamder52 10

ID: -2;16


1st Place: @Holy
Congratulations, you’re the proud new owner of 1 month of world edit, plus a bonus Creative RP Plot! (The RP plot will be added next turn, message me on discord about redeeming the WE)

Runner up: @Alexamder52
Congrats on your bonus plot!

Big thanks to all who competed, I only picked 1 runner up as there was only 4 entries. :slight_smile: