One Player Sleeping


The server should get one player sleeping for survival as it would make it easier to become day. Only one person would have to sleep to change it to day. This would be better than having to vote. Here is a link to a tutorial on how to add the command.


My opinion on this:

Short answer:


Long answer:

The voting is there so that if there are more people that prefer it staying night can have a say and not have the time change forced upon them. The ability to initiate a time vote is a rank feature as well, so implementing this would scrap that. Its sort of like ‘‘you’ve spent money on us so we give you the chance to change the ingame time’’ kind of thing, so every nob doesn’t spam it whenever they get threatened by a single zombie and cry that they lost their iron armor. I would also like to take this as an opportunity to point out that changing the time to day every time is not very survival. We even had the case where the night would be turned to day too irritatingly often, so a time limit was set in to only allow the vote to be initiated again after the passing of a full minecraft day. Meaning, if you voted for day one night, you couldn’t vote again in the next. Oh, and the vote serves at least as a warning if nothing else that the time will be changed, unlike 1 player going to bed unknowing to anyone else. So… No.