Ocean Monument Building Contest!


The Survival reset is fast approaching, and work on the custom generation features is starting to pick up steam. We’d like to give our wonderful community the opportunity to have their structures as part of the next world gen! We’ll have a number of these contests through the coming weeks, with a different structure theme for each


The rules are a bit more strict with this one, due to the generation requirements.

  1. The big square pillars need to stay. (You can reshape, and pretty them up, but they must remain part of the structure)
  2. It doesn’t have to remain Prismarine, you’re welcome to use any block
  3. It will have to be built using 1.13 (For this reason you will need to do your build on the provided 1.13 world. You don’t need to keep the structure, but it’s there as a base should you need.
  4. Keep in mind it will be underwater, and we would like for most of it to remain submerged. For ease of building the provided world has a ocean monument out of the water

See below for examples (taken from a youtube video)

It doesn’t need to be that detailed or extravagant! Anything that fits the theme is a valid entry!


Contest is open as of this post, and entries close on the 25th of Febuary. Winners will be announced shortly after.

To enter, post a screenshot of your build. If you win we will contact you and request the world file.

HERE IS THE LINK TO THE OCEAN MONUMENT WORLD DOWNLOAD. YOUR ENTRY MUST BE IN 1.13 TO QUALIFY http://www.mediafire.com/file/r1l4rzcpb527b1z/Ocean.zip/file If the link doesn’t work for you, PM me on discord and I’ll message it through

But Claire, I hear you ask, what do I win?
Great question!


We might have multiple winners! Anyone who we add to the world gen, will get a prize!

PRIZES: Your build added to the world gen! + either a game of your choice from the list below OR on month of W/E + a secret prize once we go live
ALL ENTRIES: A secret prize once we go live!

===GAME LIST (All PC)===

  • Overwatch
  • Mega Man Legacy Collection
  • 7 Days to Die
  • Dead Island Definitive Edition
  • The Dwarves
  • Purrfect Date - Visual Novel/Dating Simulator
  • Sundered
  • Regions of Ruin
  • Darkside Detective
    (And more)




OMG ITS TWP :scream:


This is basically an Atlantean temple. I like the original color scheme of the ocean monument, so I stuck with it, using some of the new prismarine slabs. I went for a simple look, considering that players might mine these monuments, I didn’t use much stairs or slabs, its mostly plain blocks, so that the yield from this monument would be more organized. There are 3 chandeliers inside, each chandelier has 8 gold blocks in it, like the original structures in the vanilla monument.





This is my crap entry. I am aware that it sort of looks like Music’s ocean temple but I started coming up with ideas before he posted his so I’m not copying. On the inside there is a throne, 2 treasure rooms 1 containing gold blocks and the other containing sponges. There are also 2 coffins, each containing a guardian spawner.
Hope you like it.


Fashionably late entry.

Modelled after the vanilla ocean dungeons we have, which are indeed made out of sandstone. :stuck_out_tongue:
Yes, there is prismarine too.

Plot ID: -6;4


Plot ID: -6;4

Made some prismarine spires just so prismarine can be found ‘‘naturally’’ spawned in the world, and not just as building blocks of ocean monuments.

The 1st pair:

The 2nd pair:

Both have regular prismarine as well as dark prismarine. And both go deeper underground, like so:

Hope this helps.