Nova's Build Team Application


IGN: NovaGlitch
Discord: NovaGlitch#8849
About You: 11th grade Costa Rican growing up in Canada. Studying for photography and/or animation. Currently running an art account on instagram. Leader to a SAGA club at my school.
Preferred Building Style: Towers, houses, nature scenery but I’m a lot better at interior design.
Previous Build Team Experience: Build team leader on three previous servers (all nonexistent now :sob: )
World Edit Experience: Used it on my friend and I’s server but I’d rather do it all by hand. Used it only if it was desperately needed.
What would you like to learn?: I’d love to learn how to use world edit better and how to make building exteriors look a lot more lively. I’d also like to learn how to make different types of buildings.
Link to Screenshots: I don’t have a way to upload any screencaps since I’m a new user ;v; So I can send screenshots to the person who sees this if that’s alright.


+1 from me even though I don’t count <3


Try using
Screenshots are nice but not required as your built application should suffice in that matter. Thank you for writing this up and i cant wait to see your finished build!