I don’t remember if I ever posted these on the WoA forums, here are some of my pictures mostly taken in the U.P. of Michigan.




Except this one was in Florida


I remember these! Fantastic photos man.


You sure that flax isn’t from NZ? It’s one of the few non-distinctive plants we have lol.


Just a 360 degree cinematic. A young friend of mine wants to buy Minecraft, but his mom needs a little… convincing to let him buy it. He wants to build some things, but his mother doesn’t think that video games can be an art form. So I made a few of these to show that you can make art, not just in this game, with only a few tools.

######Yes, there is a little video corruption, and that’s due to me running 6 servers, recording software, a youtube video, and of course, Minecraft with shaders at the highest settings.
I used Kuda shaders at highest settings for this, mainly for it’s built in cinematic mode. I recorded using ShadowPlay, and edited using lightworks. All music is from Undertale.


Ayye is most of that Australia?


Dude thats downright respectable af


Michigan is in the US, friend.


Reviving this topic.

Lane to my house


That looks like your standard eastern european road, its slim with no designated lanes, and badly maintained


Lol here in the US that’s our country roads