Post art that isn’t RoA related here.

  • Digital/Physical Art
  • Photography
  • Cosplay


Very nice; I’ve always liked this kind of art style.


That’s beautiful work gigmister!



bro this is dope

subbed to your channel :heart:


Love these!

Pencil only?


I kinda-ish am getting into digital art.
And I like Pokemon.



Gig and Nate, those are amazing!


Haha thanks, yeah those are in charcoal pencil


Arch these are great!


Thanks! And are you using water soluble charcoal for the girls shadow? If not even more amazing xD

(B/c it looks that smooth)


Oh, no haha just charcoal pencils and vine and some white conte. And stubs for smoothing some areas


Heres another with charcoal


Jeez, Nate <3


My own art
Does photography and cosplay count?


Damn son. XD


Photography is art. Modelling is art. Cosplay is art. It all counts.


how many topics can we have for non ROA related art I say let em stay. it is art and it isn’t ROA related after all


Fun, photography counts :slight_smile:


Ooh Oooh, I can get behind this. Have random background and “asshole with camera pretending to be good at photography” dump.