[NON-CANON][RP Episode] Population: One


This episode explains Lord Az Zhal Ghun’s past and will end with his going into hibernation.

“What’s it going to be Master G?” A little white tunic sat on a shelf watching the sorcerer sculpting the clay on the table. The tunic stood up, a small ghostly body supporting it.

"Have you ever wanted…a sister, little one?"
Master Giraffalo responsed with a question without looking up from his work.

“A sister? What’s that?”

The wizard smiled. “Another creature like you, but a girl?”

“Oh!” The figure in the tunic paused for a moment of consideration. “I think I would like that very much Master G. What would you call her?”

“I’ll think of an appropriate name after I’ve finished.” The sorcerer picked up his tools and proceeded to sculpt the girl’s face.

Little Umbrage hopped off the shelf, and scuttled up to the work table. He grabbed the ledge and pulled himself up to get a closer look.

Master Giraffalo had finished sculpting a small face out of the grey clay, complete with big eyes, a nose, and ears. “What do you think?”

Umbrage trotted around the unfinished sculpture, examining it, chewing on his invisible finger thoughtfully. “You have a lot of carved off material, maybe you could add something extra special?”

“What do you have in mind?”

Umbrage hopped over to the window sill, and looked out on the city, looking for some kind of inspiration.

With a loud CAW! and a swooshing of wings, a crow snatched up the floating white tunic with its beak. Master G scrambled for the window, frantically trying to grab it, but he only got a handful of black feathers, and the crow flew off into the distance. Umbrage!!! Gods above, what to do?"

A loud angry huff came from the windowsill. “I need a new tunic now! Dratted bird!”

The sorcerer sighed in relief. "I’ll make you another one. Don’t worry.

He thought for a moment.

“I’ve got it. We’ll give her wings.”


Master Giraffalo finished the statue that evening. As he and Umbrage sat down for dinner, the door creaked open, and a grey skinned elf boy walked in. It was Sycophant, and he just returned from the young men’s academy. He daintily hung up his satchel and coat, and sat down at the table. Good evening Master G! School was good today. What’s for dinner? I’m starving!

Only a minute passed and Scutus trudged in, a four foot high adolescent drake, looking very dejected. His draconian features were drooped and defeated-looking. He dropped his pack by the door and went to his room without saying a word. Master G called after him, but no reply.

What’s wrong with him? Umbrage remarked.

Hush child! You know he doesn’t have it easy in school. The wizard scolded him.

After dinner, Syco and Umbrage washed the dishes, while the sorcerer filled a bowl of stew and took it to Scutus’s room. After knocking lightly on the door, he walked in. Scutus was sitting at his desk, head laying on the table. A candle was burning low in a candlestick. Master G crouched down next to him. Here Scutus, have some stew. Scutus raised his head and sniffed the bowl.

What happened at school today?

Scutus sobbed. The boys from battle class beat me up after school. The boy that started it was mad that I beat him at fencing. They called me a snake freak…and stomped on my tail. He whimpered pitifully.

The sorcerer sighed. In an all human academy, Scutus was bullied a lot.


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