[NON-CANON][RP Episode] Fellow Dark Brethren


Farkas spurred his coal black mare on. Evening was approaching and they still had a few hours ahead of them. Already, the volcanic waste was far behind them and jungle surrounded them. Umbrage rode behind Farkas on one of his hell hounds, as the other clicked with excitement and followed them closely, sniffing the unfamiliar air. Lord Az had sent Farkas on a diplomatic mission to the Ebonsgraspian empire a few days ago. The main reason was to propose an alliance, but also to exchange in their knowledge of the arcane arts, and perhaps learn more about the nations around them.

Farkas’s horse suddenly slowed down and began to whinny nervously. They had to be close. Already, Farkas could sense fire and people in the distance with his keen sense of smell. He slid off the saddle and proceeded to lead his horse forward, motioning for Umbrage to do the same. Umbrage shrugged and got off the hound. He fed it some of the raw rabbit he had caught earlier. It swallowed the morsel whole with great appetite, clicking loudly with satisfaction.

Soon, the two travelers emerged from the forest onto a muddy shore. In the center of the water was a fortified citadel, and to their right was a bridge.

“That must be it eh?” Umbrage remarked. “Lots of purple…good taste?”

Farkas lit a torch and held it high. “Never mind their decorating choice, Umbrage. What matters most right now is that they don’t perceive us as a threat. Light your torch.”

Anyone looking from the island then would have seen two tiny flames on the beach moving through the pitch black night toward the bridge.

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Two guards stand on one of the medium-tall towers scattered across the beach.
Suddenly one of them noticed two specks of light moving across the sand and mud.

’‘Are you seeing what i’m seeing?’' one of the guards asked the other.

’‘Maybe they’re lost?’' The other guard responds, scratching his cheek.

’‘Whatever they are, they don’t look like locals to me.’' The first guard responded and began to shout. ’‘Halt! Who goes there? Identify yourself or die!’'

Suddenly, all of the other guards on the other towers begin aiming their crossbows and bows at the strangers.


Farkas raised his hands, showing that he carried no weapons. He only wore his travelling suit and a satchel of scrolls at his side. Umbrage raised his arms as well, but he was covered in knives and small explosives, with a sword at his side and bow and arrows clearly visible on his back. “Oops.”

Farkas sighed in frustration, then spoke to the guards, “Greetings from the Witch Lord Az-Zhal-Ghun. I seek audience with your masters.”

The guards looked suspiciously at Umbrage’s one man arsenal. “He is my…bodyguard.”

To make matters worse, the two hell hounds emerged from the darkness behind Umbrage, clicking with a threatening tone.

“Hush mah darlings…” whispered the wraith.


The guards look at each other. They’re not taking the strangers seriously.
They begin to laugh.
’‘What makes you think we will just let you into the Raven’s domain, and what makes you think that the great emperors, praise them, will want to even acknowledge your presence?!’'

The laugh slowly dies as the guards notice the hounds, but they’ve seen worse. The leading guard continues.
’‘What is your purpose?!? Why are you here?!?’'


Farkas growled. “I think it would be in your best interest and your lord’s to let me this instant. I won’t banter with idiots at the gates. I’ve made myself quite clear that I mean no harm. Now open the gates before I do something unpleasant.”


’‘The empire’s borders are sacred. State your business or by Motus we will feed you to the ravens! You’ve already passed the threshold of my patience and are lucky you don’t yet have an arrow through your brain!’' The guard angrily yells out, showing slight signs of intimidation, but more so frustration.

’‘Now hold on a minute, chief. You’ve seen his dark mumbo-jumbo. Maybe the emperors would find these guys worthy of their time.’' Another guard calms the leader and explains.

The leader eyes his comrade and returns a gaze at the strangers, thinking deeply.
’‘Alright then. YOU escort them personally. But if they cause trouble, i’ll have your head on a pike!’' The leader warns the guard and yells out. ’‘Not like they’d survive long in the very heart of the empire anyway. Open the gate!’'

The guard salutes fearfully and descends the guard tower, ready to escort the strangers into the city. He slightly regrets his decision and hopes that the travelers don’t cost him his life.
The gate opens, chains clanking and clonking.


The two outsiders followed the guard closely, with the hounds close at their heels. Farkas took note of the new buildings and battlements. A lot had changed since his last visit here. He was incognito that time, of course. Images of ravens adorned many of the walls and the raven symbol could be clearly seen on every guard’s uniform. Umbrage commented, “They like birds? I like birds…”

“Yes Umbrage.” Farkas said out loud. “If my memory serves me correctly, people of Ebonsgrasp worship the great Raven god, Motus. Your religion has existed for eons has it not?” He looked at their escort.


The escort chuckles.
’‘I guess you could call it a… ‘‘religion’’.’'

’‘But yes. Mortals have praised the great one for many centuries. But many have failed to meet the expectations of his grand plan.’'
The escort closes his eyes, visibly enamored by the very thought of the raven god.
He continues.
’‘Until our people came…’'
He sighs proudly as they walk past one of the many blood altars scattered throughout the capital.


Umbrage shoved Farkas with a smile,“Maybe Lord Az should have sent Sycophant instead of you. He loves blood magic.” Suddenly a distant roar broke the silence of the night. They approached the center of the citadel, where immense towers stood with a purple flaming magical flames enveloped the parapets with a hungry wild motion. A purple glowing dragon swooped in landing on the tower, letting out another terrific roar. Farkas took note of the Dragon seemingly living here in harmony with the locals, something he would have to bring up to the emperors. The group of three and the two hounds slowly approached the main castle.


They approach the citadel gate.

’‘This is where i leave you to the royal guard. Good luck. You’ll need it.’'
The escort leaves to return to his post as the two royal guards, adorning highly decorated dark and purple armor, open the gate.

A third royal guard comes out of the gate to escort the visitors inside the citadel. None of them say anything this entire time, acting like drones who know exactly what to do and display their intentions through pure body language.

They enter the citadel as the tall, thin gate closes behind them with a loud thud and clank of the chains.


Farkas looked around the dimly-lit, cavernous interior, and seeing no emperors, strode on after the royal guards. He was here to talk business.

Umbrage took interest in the many winged suits of armor lining the halls. He stroked the ebony wings tenderly, reminded of how Lord Az had given Scintilla wings which he was very envious of. A warning glance from a guard made Umbrage fall back in line. As much as it would be fun to rebel, Farkas had made him swear to be completely compliant.

Soon, the group reached a huge set of doors, engraved with mystic symbols, and a picture of the raven Motus. The doors slowly creaked open, and the envoy of Az-Zhal-Ghun entered the grand throne-chamber of the Ebonsgraspian Emperors.


The escort guard leaves without saying a word.

’‘Who seeks the precious time of the Purple Emperors? Come forth, reveal your face in the purple light of the chamber!’' A rough, deep voice cries out from the middle of a cold, dimly lit chamber.
A slightly glowing bridge, pulsating eerily, was suspended over a deep abyss, the bottom of which was the only real source of light in the room.


Farkas bowed very low and slowly. The dark magic surrounding the two individuals in their thrones was both very ancient and powerful. He could feel it.

He then spoke, slowly and deliberately.

“Your imperial magesties, I come from the East seeking counsel and friendship. Lord Az-Zhal-Ghun sent me. He felt your presence as soon as he awoke. Did you sense his?”


The dim light revealed a bearded, intimidating man sitting on a purple throne. This is Garias. Next to him, also atop a purple throne, his co-emperor. Xial II.
The emperors of Ebongrasp now sat proudly in front of Farkas.

’‘Motus has shown to me in my visions one such you speak of. A figure of great darkness has come to my attention, as his winged glory wills it.’'
Garias says in a very rough, deep voice.

’‘Child, tell me…
…Do your people value glory?’'

He asks.


“I am proud to say…” Farkas revealed a toothy smile. He had abnormally long incisors. “…that nothing honors me more than to spread the name and glory of my master Az-Zhal-Ghun. May his name ring in the ears of mortals for millennia to come.”

Umbrage chuckled to himself. Farkas always adjusted his speech based on who he was talking to. The Emperor Garias spoke majestically, so Farkas spoke likewise.

Umbrage noticed that his hounds cowered behind him, whimpering softly. Poor babies…


’‘Then i am glad that your master’s name has reached our ears.’'
Garias stands up from his throne. His 300-something year bones crackling alongside the many joints and chains of his bulky armor. As he stood, the true size of this behemoth of a man was revealed.
He walks towards Farkas, stomping loudly, and hands him a scroll. Some sort of invitation maybe?

’‘Take this to your master.’'
He turns around, returns to his throne and sits back down, again causing lots of noise.


Farkas graciously accepted the scroll and tucked it into his leather briefcase. "Forgive me, my lords, for not having brought a suitable gift, but Lord Az told me such niceties are too human of a custom, and ultimately pointless…just as pitiful mortal existence tends to be.

After latching his briefcase, Farkas turned back to the emperors. “My lords, if I may be so bold to ask, how do you bring glory to your realm in this age?” He noticed that the fiery armored being hadn’t spoken yet. But he knew who it was. It was his job to know things.


’‘By spilling the blood of the weak and the degenerate, of course.’' Garias chuckles.
’‘As Motus wills, only those who feed him the blood of the weak are worthy of glory.’' He continues, smirking.


“Lord Az will be extremely pleased to hear this.”

Farkas bowed low again.

"Since we live only a short distance northeast of you, my master wished to propose a declaration of friendship, enabling us to trade and consider expansion together. What do you say to that?


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