Need of polished diorite for rebuilding pyramid


I want to rebuild the pyramid that I had in the past - which indicates my age.

For this I need polished diorite. Please visit the community area, /as tp N1-09, and see whether you want to get 1 emerald for 32 polished diorite. I also consider making the golden guardian statue again, and for this I need gold ore.

Check out the pictures, of what once was, in ancient times.

Merry Xmas and happy New Year

Picture 1: view from the amphitheatre to the pyramid in the distance
Picture 2: golden statue, Anubis, temple of Karnak, pyramid

Temple of Karnak restored, though lapis lazuli blocks needed

Alright there you go, I sold you as much diorite as the shop would let me, I bought out your granite shop also just for the hell of it. Let me know if you need more and I’ll gladly provide.


Damn samcv, I should make a ‘‘buying oak’’ shop for you to fill up.


A great many thanks samcv, I replenished the chest with emeralds, so see what you still have. See the enclosed pictures how far I am now. One side is finished, and the other picture is from the other side, with 2 + 1/2 sides still missing. Sorry, the pictures were taken at dusk. (NB. Since I need relatively less polished granite, I indicated this by doubling the required number, this is 64 now.)


The pyramid has been built. The temple alike Karnak still needs to be made. Because of my lack of emeralds, I now trade 1 emerald for 64 polished diorite. Please check /as tp n1-09.


I have normal diorite for sale in my shop for both emeralds and diamonds. W1-11 is the area of the mall if u need any more


Yes, I got some of the diorite also from you and Mxlppxl. The shopping mall is a great idea.