Mxlppxl and the Cave


Mxl slowly caught his breathe as he placed another set of ladders. “Dammit” he said to himself, “when will that stupid company make ropes?”

Placing another ladder and torch, he climed down another 10 meters and repeated the action.

Peering down the hole, he could finally see the cavern floor.

“Three freaking weeks, four fake maps, and five migrain headaches…this cavern better be the one. IQ is paying me a shitload of money to scout these emerald biomes.” (Not really - its RP)

Mxl stopped for a minute, closed his eyes, and slowed his breathing. Taking a knee, he listened and inhaled slowly. He could hear faint clattering meaning archers were down there somewhere. His nostrils meanwhile detected the faint musty odor of spider hair.

“i’ll have to be careful down there…good thing Claire gave me this cloaking device.” Mxl put the device around his wrist and moved the setting from 0 to 3. His body shimmered for a few seconds and then he was invisible.

Climbing down the ladder, he stopped at the bottom and got his bearings.

It was huge…Mxl had not seen a natural cave this big but had often dug them, if not bigger ones.

“There has to be something of value here somewhere” he muttered as he snuck off. The cloaking device, while useful, was not foolproof. While mobs could not see him, they could hear and smell him if he was not close. Kinda like those hairs on the back of your neck that stand up? Well…mobs have those too.

“Sand, Stone, Sandstone…hey! Some coal! Maybe this aint a waste…”

Mxl’s boot caught rough edges of the coal block and he tumbled down a small shaft.

Getting his bearings and drawing his blade in case anything heard him, he laid low for a few minutes. When he was sure the coast was clear, he dropped a torch.

“Holy smokes! Look at all this ore! So much I don’t think I can carry it back.” Mxl grabbed his camera and was about to take a picture when he heard a small fuse light up. He had time to turn and see the creeper and yell “Oh shit!” as it blew up.

To be continued…


nice fanfic


The day was like any other day: Dark, cold, and incredibly boring. Caves are so dumb, thought the solitary creeper, I don’t even remember how I got down here To the common player, the creeper only appears to rancidly mutter the phrase “Wut da fuk” over and over again. Anyway, this particular creeper was particularly bored, because he was stuck in this cave. About 7 hours passed…a loud clatter sounding like a body hitting the stony cave floor, and a few curses. The creeper was alerted to the source of the sound. Now’s my chance! Finally I can please my maker! Ahhhhh…Herobrine…I come to thee. After completing the proper prayers, involving a lot "wut da fuk"ing, the creeper prepared himself for his final moments. He rushed the source of the sound, screaming WTF! at the top of his lungs and triggered the explosion. Everything went black. And then he was at the end of a tunnel. A bright light shone at the other end and a sillouet of a man stood there with glowing white eyes…at last…freedom…


Meanwhile, I’m standing here sipping tea and watching this all go down…

Of course, I’m watching from Limbo which supposedly doesn’t exist, so it doesn’t really count.


Mxl slowly opened his eyes…it was pitch black. Slowly reaching to his neck, he checked his cloaking device. “Heh…still on…lucky me I guess but how the hell did that creeper find me?”

Rolling over and up, his eyes adjusted to the light…a faint green glow was ahead. Intrigued, despite the pounding of his head, he staggered to his feet. Swilling some water from his canteen and downing a small packet of dried mushrooms, he gingerly walked toward the glow.

Approaching the blocks he dropped a torch and was shocked by what he saw…

“I gotta tell Icalave about this…he’ll need to see it for himself.” Taking a few samples as quietly as he could, Mxl packed up his stuff and began the long climb out of the cavern.


“A few samples”

-Icaclave returns to see every single emerald gone.


Are there caves like this on Allura for real, or were these ordinary caves?



Nice necro.

An no…the biome idea did not pan out.