Mxl and the Beast


Mxl slowly stalked the beast. He had been following it for several days after hearing of campsites and caravans being attacked lately.

While Mxl didn’t mind solving problems like this for free, there was an attactive reward for the head of this thing. No one really knew what it was, except it had fur, claws, and sharp pointy teeth.

Mxl assumed the worst, the beast knew it was being tracked. Since he picked up the trail, it had not done anything else but try to evade him. Hills, valleys, rivers, even climbing straight up rock hills to get away…but to no avail.

Mxl wanted this thing…more so for the pouch it kept on its waist. It was obviously intelligent enough, but intelligent enough to keep the pouch. Mxl wondered what treasures could be in there.

Quaffing an invisiblity and speed potion, Mxl darted ahead. He had brewed these himself and knew the beast could not see him. Hear? Yes, but he was not overly worried. Heck, Mxl often wondered why he went through so much trouble to do stuff. He probably could have slain the beast on day one, but where was the fun in that?

Slowing down and catching his breath, he pounded in a few tripwire hooks and laid wire. Pulling a net woven with iron and wool, he strung it up and stode out to the middle of the glade and waited.

He could faintly hear the beast approaching. Drawing a slim throwing knife from his waist, he judged the distance. While hoping to take this thing alive, having it dead was just as good, if not better.

As the beast came into the glade, Mxl flung the knife. It flew across the glade and stuck into the beast’s leg. Roaring in pain, it charged at Mxl, obviously pissed off. Mxl smiled and ran back to where his trap laid, jumping nimbly over the wires.

Pulling out a small stone, he flung it at the beast, this time hitting it squarely on the nose. Enraging it yet again, it ran right into the wires and BAM, was immediately wrapped in the net.

As it wrapped itseft tighter and tighter in the net, Mxl reached in and snipped off the pouch. While not caring about the reward for the beast, he had what he wanted. Pouring a small vial of liquid on the net, Mxl blasted off with a rocket, Elytra wings unfolding.

After an hour or so of flying, he felt it was safe to land and see what he had found. Opening the pouch, he found nothing but three canvas scrolls with painting.

Mxl sighed…all this work for these three paintings…studying them carefully, he had never seen terrain like this. Thinking they might be valuable, he rolled them back up carefully and launched himself off yet again, this time heading to see Azalthur who might know of such things.


I like those big tall mountains.


Those were my idea IIRC


you have no idea how many biomes I have created and tested over the last 4 months


I like this.


Will there be a follow-up on this?


Perhaps :slight_smile: