Mooshroom Spawner


I need in the order of 700 bookshelves for my mansion, and have no means of getting that much leather in a reasonable amount of time.
If anyone has a mooshroom spawner, I would be willing to pay 10 db and around 20eb for it, and can use my own pick to mine it. I also have a blaze spawner I am willing to trade.
In light of people’s shift to skyblock, there may be unused ones floating around in survival (@samcv, @Crispy, @BaneOfOmen, @TheIQFactor etc.)
Does anyone have one to sell?


Qcorp has means of getting you this : )

-Sam, IQ & Holy <3
(I’ve kind of taken over Qcorp affairs in survival until the boys come back from their adventure up there)


How much?


Tell me what amount of leather you need an I’ll provide a conversion to DB.


2010 leather