Mob Arena


Long ago in a distant server there was a really fun and challenging minigame that involved mobs, bosses and alot of skill. It gave you something to do when you were bored, ran out of resources, had no friends online or were just itching for a fight.

It was called the Mob Arena. Waves upon waves of mobs would spawn and you, sometimes alongside a gang of allies, would have to fend off these mobs. After a certain wave was defeated, a boss would spawn. Each boss had his own abilities and challenge.

Times were fun until the server shut down.

Upon the arrival of Allura, things were quite different though.
In it’s place came skyblock. A minigame that alot of people enjoy very much and has gained alot of popularity, but a small minority of us wouldn’t find ourselves there anytime soon for one reason or another.

That is why I and my friends propose, if possible, the comeback of the Mob Arena. It would be a tough challenge, but we are willing to help alot. Me and @Holy have already talked about building a brand new arena. We could even help track down a reliable plugin!

I’m going to put up a poll. This poll will show how many people actually want this minigame back and how many people want to see it burn in limbo, where it is now.

  • Bring the Mob Arena back!!!
  • Screw the Mob Arena! Let it rot!!!
  • Never heard of it…

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add that to the build team project list maybe, we’ll build it bigger and better than before in the distant land


Considering an application just to be a part of it…


I don’t think this really needs the build team, let the community come up with something!


As for plugins, here’s the mob arena plugin that WoA used, and that if you’ve played on other servers, with a mob arena they probably use it too. I run it, and have had no issues regarding errors and memory leaks, and once an arena and game lobby is built, it’s easy to set up differing rewards, monster spawnpoints, classes, and even bosses.


I enjoy this idea