Merry Cobblemas!


Mxl sat back in his chair, sipping on a bottle of Shawdale Pale Ale. He was down to his last few bottles and they were carefully stashed so he could only find them once in a while.

“Ah…” he muttered…”wonderful mix there of hops and barley…notes of orange peel and slight sent of dark cherry. I might have to invite Ironly over to share the last two bottles when I find them.”

Mxl then turned his attention to the weekly report from the mines. Cobble production was through the roof and he was running out of space to store it. Cobble was great until you have 50 double chests just sitting there.

After a few more sips of the ale and saving the bottle for better times (meaning when he got more beer), he had the perfect idea…

“COBBLEMAS! Yes! People always need cobble…I’ll just give 25% more when people buy a stack!”

Mxl knew he could not run a special like this forever…the supply would run out and the miners needed time off as well. He reckoned he could offer this deal until the end of the year or so…with the only condition people had to pick it up in his store. No deliveries…not even to the docks because when word got out, it would be a stampede.

Getting up and walking over to his redstone cooler, he plucked an ice cold bottle of Mxlppxl Malt. It was a lighter beer, not as filling as the ale. While having the great malt taste (with of course a nice 5.8% alcohol kick), it had hints of caramel and toffee along with a slightly sweet taste.

Popping the top off, he took a sip and walked back to chair and sat. Looking out the window to the docks below, he knew it would be madness in a few days…