May be back soon


Just going to hope my parents pity me and get me a computer for christmas, so I can come back and play after over a year of being off. I might not get one, so i may have to wait longer. Until then, cya


How do you survive that long without a computer o_O


It definitely wasn’t easy or fun


Pester them you want one, and they ought to get you one :wink:
If you were a good boy and deserve it ofc. santa sees all!


start a GoFundMe and see what happens


if i was good…


t h i s c o u l d b e y o u r s s o o n


i can only hope








huzzah, i have received a computer


Are you online these days now?


I saw him online like two days ago now, but he could’ve been on since


Oh, I’ll be online ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )


Update: I have supreme brain damage and managed to break it already


wow…how do you do this lohr


right there


So I’m working with a friend and I’m getting my computer fixed without my parents even knowing, I’ll be back on in a week or so.


You are hiding the fact that you are fixing it?