Market Shoutout


Hello there you wonderful allurans!

I come to you in my time of need. Need of nether stars to be more exact. I have decided to change tactics from asking in chat every half hour or so to post it here on the forums! I want to buy nether stars, prize on you, but plz no stacks of dia blocks for 1, stay on the ground people!

I’ll take offers in PMs (or is it DM now?) and any is welcome, I am always open for deals


Some iceori poetry while we wait for the offers to drop in!

“Melons, melons everywhere! But not a star, let’s think!
If I get portals, into taverns, I can have a drink!”

“Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! But still I see no star!
Twinkling so far down below, I wonder where you are!”

“Carrots, carrots everywhere! My star still doesn’t shine!
The tavern is so far away, I’ll never get my wine!”



Seriously still noone???