Making a Gameboy Game 👾


Hawo :3,
Im getting a raspberry pi soon and have coded many minigames for it as it will be put inside a 3d printed gameboy case, however I’m yet to start work on the Big RPG game that I’ll make for it. So I’ve decided to add many of the RoA citizens to it! you’ll get to decide what game it’ll be based off (e.g. survival RPG with the RoA community in it) Please vote using the link below for the game type and if you want to be in the game just reply to this with what you want to be!

List of characters:
Ica - Otter
Claire - Archer
Samcv - Sleeping Guy
Lukiepie - Healer
Ironly - Knowlegable Old Sir
Remember to reply with what you’ll be if you want to be in it!

P.S the game with be called “The Realm of Allura”


I’ll be a smouldering miniboss if you’ll have me : )


I think ‘‘religious zealot’’ would adequately portray any of my RP personalities…
If you don’t like my current race, then have him be an elf, that will be fine too <3
IF youll have me.


I would like to be…a guy…literally xD that can be my title :wink:


Psst. Ica is an otter.


ARGH heck


Muzwall - scary dead ghost king boss?


Me, with a big ass hammer, riding a t-rex, while riding on a shark.

t-Rex must have lasers too


Could I be a weapons dealer in the shadows or a dragon hunter?


if you need a lord/king/paladin character you could use my RP character :smiley: basically Arthas from WoW with a beard xD


Make me a really hard boss, like Abyss Watchers from Dark Souls 3 kinda hard.


Samcv - Sleeping Guy

yeah pretty much dead on

make me like a really difficult, really secret bonus boss or something, like you have to go really far out of your way to fight


I wanna be a the guy who takes nothing seriously.


so how’s progress xD