Lore Help


Hello! I need help writing some lore for my faction, “The Republic of Alagaesia”. Anyone wishing to help can DM me on Discord. Thanks!


Link to your discord please?


Lol, almost what I meant by asking on the forum but I’m glad to see you’re trying.

I can help a little though I’m not experienced writing lore. How about you tell us a little about what you’re thinking about and see if anyone can use that to get going?

From other factions I’ve seen posting lore it seems like a good place to start is with information on the name of the faction and if that has a significant meaning, faction’s members race, how they life their lives, if they’re peaceful or warring, the type of geography they prefer, faction colors or banners, names of settlements and important people or events from the past.

Try some of this out and I think it will help you and others to flesh out a more complete lore.


Break it down into categories, like @bluekelp mentioned. Then you’ll find it a lot easier to fill in the gaps. Creating a whole civilization is not an easy task, but it can be a lot of fun.

Choose a biome to work off of first. Your biome will provide you with inspiration for your builds and your faction’s culture.

It’s always easier to take influences from pre-existing factions within our real world. They are tried and tested things that are believable because they actually existed. Perhaps mash up two to get some unique quality?

How did they arrive there? Are they the result of a split nation, were they primitive and they evolved? Are they from another world? There are many options.

Do they follow a medieval type set up with a king, knights etc or something more modern with political parties? Maybe there’s a council of lords and a council leader?

Religion, when used correctly can be a very useful tool when creating a faction. It is religion that makes a nation do all sorts of things. Even today modern warfare is still very often based on a religious backbone. Creating a religion in itself can be very enjoyable if you do it right, but don’t be afraid to base it off of already pre-existing religions. They too are tried and tested, therefore successful.

Just a few ideas to get you started.


I’m assuming u got the name from the inheretence cycle books with alagaesiabeing the name of the land there. so u could also use some of the lore from those as inspiration


Here you go. Got a tutorial/template set up for you!