Let's see where the magic happens!


Bringing back another old WoA thread - let’s see your gaming setup!


The laptop I’ve been using for about a month now:

HP Notebook
1 TB storage
AMD Processer
AMD Quad-Core A12 - 9720P
8 GB System Memory
15.6" diagonal HD backlit touchscreen


Bonus pic of my Horde spray-on:

Nvidia GT 730
Intel i3 530
8 gigs of ram

Man my shit’s dusty xD


is that tape from where u hit the wall when wiping on a raid (; ?


close but no xD

there was some dried up chocolate milk on the wall from ages ago


Horde <3


i have this, lenovo legion y520


so you taped it? xD


That moment when you’re too lazy to go clean a stain and when it fuses with the wall itself you just put tape over it xD


xd lol


But what if the chocolate stain is a lie, maybe it’s another kind of stain :face_with_monocle:


Ok, so my new monitor stand arrived :smiley: (happy happy joy joy) …
So thought i’d update this thread :smiley:

this means i can go from this …

to this …

have a Nas box lying around somewhere with 7TB in it, but also built myself one that i’ve stuck 9TB in …
My new old Nas box … (case is about 18 years old)

Looking at upgrading sometime this year, as the mo, specs below … (note, this was built on a small budget) :stuck_out_tongue:
Processor - AMD A8-7670K Black (3.6GHz)
RAM - 16GB
HD - 240GB SSD
GFX - AMD Radeon R7 370 4GB


Download 1 big wallpaper and cut it into 4 pieces and make it so it’s spread across all 4 monitors.
Also that case is retro and i like it :smiley:


What if you don’t like your image being split in to 4 pieces and having lines down its center?