Lásenor Full List


Full list of all topics, episodes and plots belonging to Lásenor.

[Nation] Lásenor - Main Faction Page
[Geography] Lásenor Mountains - A page explaining the in-world geography of Lásenor, to be updated as more detail is required in episodes or buildings. Currently contatins distances and general information as well as names for mountains, lakes and rivers in Lásenor.
[Architecture] Lásenor Architecture - A post showcasing the ingame builds of Lásenor and what they are in terms of the lore. VERY VERY WIP

[Solo Episode] Virion - An RP episode detailing Virion’s journey from a boy in Brittleburn to the man engaged to the heir to the throne of Lásenor sailing off to represent the queen in Roklavia. Finished.
[RP Episode] The Great Tournament - The beginnings of the Northern Alliance and the first time in known history Lásenor has engaged in international diplomacy.
[RP Episode] Alliance in the White Mountains - A short episode summarising the formation of the long-standing alliance between Lásenor and its close neighbor Connemara. Finished.

I did this so all my stuff is in one place, which makes it easier for me to track my lore and development, other people to do the same and staff to asses my progress. This will be updated as anything new is added.


Cool concept Pekka! I think shat and I should make something similar!


maybe without the coordinates but yea, nice idea


Will totally create a list for the Kaldarossian Kingdom in the near future! Love the concept :smile:


Update 1/9/18: Added more detail and updated everything in light of new developments, changed how the plots are labelled. Added link to new architecture page which isn’t working quite right :frowning:


Update 11/11/18: Added new finished episode Alliance in the White Mountains.