Lásenor Architecture


Lásenor Architecture

The ingame representation of Lásenor, to clarify places and things mentioned in episodes (and to be mentioned) with things that have been built.

The Keep

The Keep is the castle in the centre of Lásenor. It is ancient (older than the nation itself), and is the home of the royal family.

Outer Structure

The Keep has been built on Láscona, by some unknown people long in the past. The octagonal walls were found there when the Lásenor began to settle down, and they simply built within and around them, adding the wooden gate in the east (with golden beacons) and the interior.

Open Interior

The throne room is open, with gates in the north and south. Inside is an elaborate wooden room with a quartz throne. Outside, there’s a courtyard area, with trees and a fountain.

Secret Passageways

There are doors in the walls outside (theoretically hidden but kept open in-game so that people can go through) leading underground to a secret room with staircases allowing people to visit the Tree of Life and the rooms of Ailreth and Meira.

Secret Interior

From the secret room beneath the Keep there are stairs leading upwards.

Meira’s room is made of oak and is smaller and cozy

Ailreth’s, in contrast, is dark oak and gold with purple and yellow trim, which makes it more formal and less welcoming.

The ‘Tree of Life’ (the Láscona tree of Anfále) is inside the Keep, giving it protection.


Aeduin is a small farming village to the south of the Keep. There is an extraordinary amount of wheat and smaller amounts of other crops.


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