Kung Finally Applying!


IGN: Kung_Gellert_28
Discord: Yes
About You: Where should I begin? I am always ready to learn, and always happy to improve, so get the critics all over me! I can be very focused on my task, however, patience is not my most outstanding quality, although I could not be called bad at it!
Preferred Building Style: Mainly medieval, most familiar with the smaller range of builds due to my lack of W/E.
Previous Build Team Experience: Nada
World Edit Experience: Nada
What would you like to learn?: Everything you can teach me! From W/E to Gothic to modern! I’m in for every piece of wisdom I can get!
Screenshots: Not many I’m afraid, as I usually don’t take pictures of my builds, accept me and I can make you something else!

As far as I got my old town of Kosehum on WoA Gen. 3.

Viking boat (this is inspired by a ship from yt, although I did make major improvements). Just in case you think I’m plagiarizing!


maybe show what the original ship was?


The original had a worse hull, railing, mast and sail, and front, however, it is heavily similar, as I said.

I made a larger ship however, a flag ship of the same kind, which differs from the video:
Thanks to Mart however, I cannot provide better pictures!


Ill give it a 10 outta 10. that’s definitely not how sail physics work tho