KeyStone Portals


KeyStone Portals are almost ready for release and are currently in the final testing stages. Many thanks are owed to our resident @bluekelp who took it upon himself to tackle the task of replicating this custom plugin that many of our original community know and love. KeyStone Portals here on Realm of Allura (within the survival server) will have a few different features to the KeyStone Portals that many of you are familiar with, but we are hoping you will like the changes (most of which are additions). There are further additions planned for the future, also.

The new KeyStone Portals are a lot more open to customization, particularly the blocks used for the portal frame itself. So, I’m leaving this open to the community. Make your suggestions and perhaps they’ll get added to the list of approved portal frame types.



To be clear, we can also have mixed-frame portals if configured. So you could alternate between diamond blocks and emerald, for example.


Right. Except that sounds ugly. :stuck_out_tongue:

This, however, is very nice:


if you think my idea is ugly - have you seen my builds? thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week. tip your waitress.

what about an old-time-y build contest in plot-land for portal frames? iirc we used to call them the palette contests? but in this case the palette you choose is the thing you’re competing on.

winner gets theirs accepted (maybe) and early access (if we don’t go General Availability day one).

also I should go test and make sure we can decorate them with banners/etc since that might be disabled with the portal block protection.


Could indeed do something on the lines of that.

Alright guys, don’t only suggest portal frame materials, but show off your portal designs generally!

3x4 Structure, with the center 1x2 being air. No restrictions on block palette. The winner will win something KeyStone related upon release as well as see their block choices added to the list :slight_smile:

Just post them here for now… This wasn’t meant to be a contest… Haha.


Yay! keystones are back, thanks bluekelp! <3


My plot with a few ideas on is: -11;8

Screenshots of portal frames (click to show)


i vote for the portal on the left, 4 screenshots down




boys, he is showcasing what you can build… it can be any one of these and it’ll work.
nvm its a joke to pick the blockiest one xP


that was just my initial shape guide damnit


■■■■ off


So when are these being implemented? <3


Hopefully this weekend.

So, I’m thinking:
Quartz Block and their variants
Stone Brick and their variants
Cobblestone and their variants
Sandstone and their variants
Red Sandstone and their variants
Purpur and their variants
Nether Brick and their variants
Brick and their variants
Iron Block, Gold Block, Diamond Block, Emerald Block, Lapis Lazuli Block

Slabs would be restricted to top and bottom center positions only.
I’m not a fan of the wooden ones, since they don’t really make sense.

Anything major I might have missed?


Obsidian and coal blocks?


what about double slabs?


Obsidian, yes, that’s fine. Why coal blocks though?

Double slabs could work. Just predicting an issue there though. Would have to talk to @bluekelp about it.