Just ROA Things V2


Wow, I see 8 emerald and a diamond ore in that picture, nice friikn cave man.


There’s a hell of a lot more than that. I cbb mining it all lol


As we can see here, nothing stops the boundless love of the two cacti destined to be together forever.

Which is to say about 2 seconds, if my guess is right.


As far as I know, they dont pop off unless they get a block update : o


They spawned like that, so yeah, Holy’s right.


When you just don’t care about crashing into the sea…


Looks like an alien landscape xD


Party at winterhold was great :’)

Everyone had a good time : D


the only pic you’re not drunk in is the first one xD


I really, really, really hate these blessings.


Is that sarcasm? (Really can’t tell.) If you don’t want them, keep a pail of milk handy after turning in your tokens. To dispel any you get.


I think his problem is that he’s getting blessings instead of something he’d prefer. People get blessings all the time and no-one uses milk to dispell them :wink:


What Jon said. Being super-buffed doesn’t really help while building, while any items (even gravel) might. And getting 4 from 6 tokens?


Oh my friiking… xDDD You are a smart one, aren’t you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Not helping!


Boat trips with daddy :wink:


Reviving this thread to bring you a Just ROA drop party.

Loot was good, Lami did a hell of a haul right before mine to but didn’t catch that one. I came outta that one with 2 beacons (guess I won that one). The stash in the screenie was mine. Fair to say Ian got that one (came out with both spawner picks, most of the ores, and and one of the elytras).


Holy & Smol Spooder Climb Nate’s Spawn Thingy


Kinda got bored on the build server :stuck_out_tongue: