Just ROA Things V2


To bring this back on topic, Ica 'n Jon doin voting stuff


Fair enough, I guess. Kick him out, then.


I appear to have done the same thing to @Darth_Creeper. He is at the other end. Looks like we are just going to have to share. Or I can set up a new place on the other side of the faction mine if that’s ok with you. That won’t infringe, I promise. The faction thing is massive.


gently reminds everyone of the purpose of the thread


Nah that was actually fixing a dupe bug :wink:


gently reminds everyone it was stolen


Ica in a box!


I had him there first!


I don’t know what you guys are talking about :joy:


Having some more fun with the NPC’s.

Jon giving Martyn his final meal.

Martyn going back into his cell.
Time to pay for his crimes.
Well that didn’t work so lets try something a little stronger.

That didn’t work either well I guess he can just stay in there and rot.


The salt is real xD


Eh not salty as much as I thought it was just really funny.


Free cave spider spawners if anyone wants them (unprotected).
Coords are on the minimap.

It’s in an ore biome too.




I use silk most of the time n them mine the ores later with fortune when I need then



Lol. K


Playing IcaBall in the basement!


personally, i prefer the Baconator


Zombie survival instincts to the max!