Just ROA Things V2


…I wouldn’t doubt that was me.
I tend to do random stupid things like that.


Collecting NPC’s.


How are you getting them? And you should be able to MyPet them


So i wanted oak wood without chopping down any nice looking tree’s right, but all of em are freaking beautiful, so samcv’s plan was ‘‘get vote tokens’’ and ‘‘hope for a spawner pick to get wood’’, which he suggested me from … his own unlucky past experiences. Then this happens:

Unlucky me eh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is exactly how I always imagined Vote Tokens to turn out… Yelling at the server ‘No, no I don’t want X item’, just so you can get it… Lol.


This morning we have an enderman riding a speed hacking zombie xD


I found them in the wild and I don’t think you can mypet them.


When @ironly helps you get back to the home you deleted, then decides he’s up for a bit of trolling.


Just another restart


the flying llama killed me :joy:


Fighting the enderdragon with @samcv, @ironly, and @ShinyNate.


I want in on this too lol.
Fighting the dragon with @samcv and @ClumsyPvp.

I sadly froze as it died however. :cry:
And yeah, shooting it like that did nothing but was extremely satisfying.


Nice house you got there villagers :laughing:

this one is even worse :laughing:
did a sandstorm come through here?


Oh, you saw that too? XP




The villages here are like that too.


@riptide204 I have a major issue with where you put your beacon. My mine is like 20 blocks away, about where orange is. I was there first; I found it by flying with elytra, and you have gone and blocked off an area right next to my base. Please can you either add me to it or move the beacon (and the protected area) a couple hundred blocks northeast, at the other end of the biome? If you add me I won’t take it, but it means my mining is not blocked off right next to my base. Thanks!

The nether portal in the side of one of the spikes is mine btw. Look for the elevators just south of it.


This is why I explore about 200 blocks radius around wherever I want to build my base.

…Mainly because if I find a nice build, I don’t want to ruin it, and if I find some random dirt hut the guy building it is probably too stupid/stubborn to move it and I don’t want an eyesore right next to my base.

Edit: bear in mind that it’s possible he did that on purpose.





I was there first, but am I meant to claim the whole biome? And I don’t care if he’s in the biome, but he’s right next to my base. Like 20 blocks. And it’s a beacon, and pragmatic not pretty. I’m fine with it as long as I can dig under it. And my base isn’t exactly obvious, being underground except for the portal and an elevator.