Just ROA Things V2


For all your ROA things… V2. As some of you know the first ROA things thread was shut down due to off topic posting. I’ve brought is back because Just ROA Things is one of my favorite threads. But, lets try this time to not have it removed again. So just to clarify, this thread is to share all of your ROA antics. this may come in the form of screenshots or written stories. It is not the place to have long drawn out conversations that don’t contribute more ROA antics. so, a picture of Nate hugging one of this penguin friends

that’s alright, replying to that post with a discussion on how the plots oughta be larger, that’s not alright. I love this thread so ima stay pretty active on it keeping it clean. you got a question, bring it to PMs, you wana make a suggestion, thread right here for ya Random Suggestions. So, lets try this again, and keep it clean because I wana see everyone’s WOA antics on here cuz they’re surprisingly interesting.


And to mark the first post here’s a series of builds I was doing, none of which have interiors btw because I just can’t anymore, that I think are alright, before the reset in the age of boredom

The builds also really showcase who Ive learned the most from as far as building’s concerned. The first build being Geo, the second being Stijn, the third being Capti (tho he might be insulted by that), and the fourth and fifth being both Swag and Lia, not sure which one taught me how to do Nordic exactly, but TY XD.

Edit: @Hydroid 's also somewhere in there with 4th and 5th. Specially with the ruffs


Where am I :’(


These are great builds Crispy! c:


Love the second one!


I… I’m not sure exactly what it’s doing…

But I love it.

Seems fine to me.


Frostdagger, Home of the Brotherhood of The Yellow Cloak

Wavebreaker, a ship that sunk off shore a few years before the brotherhood settled here. Believed to have crashed into the sorrounding mountain when it attempted to turn. Some even speculate that it was attacked.


BOOO. this was my thing.


not any more :wink:


Hey, YEAH! How dare you steal the topic from hanners! THIEF





Gravity can’t even touch me


3 baby husks in 5 minutes. Really?


Look how big this desert is. My island, cut off in the top left corner, is in a protected zone 105x95 with a border around each edge. This is massive. @jjcmrq and @SpikeTheDawg66 have a little outpost on the far right, where the two stone rectangles and the wooden jetty can be seen.


Dang bruh, that’s big.
I wonder if there’s any sand there…


Not sure. I’d better go check.


Claire parks a horse on you

Also, Apparently the Clairethedral throws some wild and weird parties…


b l e e d o n m y c a r p e t


Just a standard day for @jjcmrq rearranging his grinders.


look like someone’s afraid of the dark