JakeTheEngineer - Application


IGN: JakeTheEngineer

Discord: Jakeypoo#9824

About You: My name is Jake (who knew) and I am currently enrolled in college classes for a mechanical engineering degree (wow who would’ve known). My IGN is totally not related to me at all. I am currently 3 drinks deep. I like kittens here’s my cat

His name is Widgit. Widgit helps me build cool builds like cities and houses when I give him tuna fish sandwiches.

Preferred Building Style: I like to work with the seldom used modern style, with hints of industrial. I can also pull off older themes like Dwarven and a basic medieval approach.

Previous Build Team Experience: I was a large part of the famous WoA build team and headed a major project, Temperance City (Pictured Below)

World Edit Experience: I am fluent in worldedit and, to be frank, I think my superpower is knowing almost all the block ID codes by memory.

What would you like to learn?: How to make Build Team Applications (and make big builds like that CaptainAlpacaX kid)

Link to Screenshots:
Temperance City, the project I headed

Another of Temperance City cuz its a 300x300 map

An experimental design that turned out well, was a medieval style with a modern quartz material.

Island of a naval map

Another island on a naval map

A modern / contemporary house

A night scene of a lonely cottage on Lake Beijanku. Everything in the picture was built by hand, mountains and all.

The quiet streets of Blockridge, a town on WoA.

Screw it here’s another island of that naval map

A church featuring large windows and flying buttresses


Accept it.



Was all on board till you said you liked cats tsk tsk tsk sad to see Jake sad to see. Jk but srsly you werent already in?