It's me, Stijn


Hey guys,

Long time no see! It has been a while since I’ve shown my face, or rather, my avatar. I quit WoA sorta, when it was still around, due to life… How convenient it the community moved to a whole new place, one that is even better and more healthy! Its good to see everyone is still around and banding together.

I won’t be much around still, I work a full time job as a sommelier and next to that I’m following WSET Award in Wines Level 3, to futher educate myself. So, yeah, i’m busy, but this is my semi-being-back introduction, haha!

I’m on Discord and on the forums, but not so much in game I guess. Well, it’s good to be (sorta) back.

Love y’all! <3

And especially Callum, because I know his name.


Welcome back, former TA dude

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Welcome back Azalthur!


Hey Stijn! Glad to see you back! :smiley:


Happy to see ya back :smiley:


Wb Aza!! :smiley:


Missed you buddy, welcome back!


Ello Stijn, good to see you back :slight_smile:



sommelier eh? nice! i’ll bug you for recommendations :wink:


Thanks y’all!

Being bored more often brings me back more, haha, and there it is, full circle!

@bluekelp well, I like wine, so I’d recommend that. Depends on where you live though, what’s available and whatnot.


3 :horse:


Sorry I’m late, but heyy, welcome back buddy! Can’t join RoA as exams is just around the corner, but hope to see you soon. (Give me two months and ill rejoin RoA, unleashing my inner builder self to create wonders and stuff!)


Welcome back hot stuff. You accepted my marriage Proposal yet>