Iron titan


I was thinking about building the iron titan on an Xbox 360 world, but I’m not sure if it’ll work. Anyone know if the design works on 360?


The locating of spawnchunks is very difficult on xbox, im not sure its even possible. Beyond that, mechanics are so different cross platform, I doubt its possible.


If I can’t find more info I might build one on creative and stand by it to see if it spawns anything to test if spawn chunks might be the only issue


There’s a part where you must place doors then wait 6 seconds to break a different one, and in trying to find an interval timer for 1, 3 or 6 seconds. Anyone have one?


googles iron titan


when you coming back Lohr? We need someone to push into lava when you go AFK.


That’s exactly what I did


That was an accident…


That’s what they wanted you to think…


In my defense, I didn’t know there was lava under him.


Won’t be back for a long time still, won’t be getting a computer till Christmas


Everybody get your lava lakes ready… it’s about time!


sees that this ‘‘iron titan’’ is still popular


yeah ikr there are far better iron farms now


Why is this still going around after one incident lol