I'm leaving. Surprise surprise


Yeah, I feel like I owe this to you guys. Not an apology, none of you deserve mine. I’m leaving, though. For a long, long, long time.

Most likely just for good. Various reasons led to this, one of which being that this community is actually painful for me. None of the others you need to know, so don’t ask. You have noticed I unfriended all of you; And it will stay that way. For all of our sake, never contact me again.

There is no thank you list, no appreciations, no friends that will remain.

First final request: never mention my name anywhere on any server in or any website related to Minecraft or any other game ever again.

Second final request: Give Felkros this message.




I’m sorry to see you go. I always liked seeing you on the server and I’m sorry that it had ended so poorly. I hope everything goes well with your life and that you succeed.



That’s a hellova hard request but I bid you adieu.