I have return-ish


Yes, I have returned after months off of RoA. I miss the server so much lol. But I won’t be on as often as I may have before. Because of not playing minecraft for a long time, i lost interest to play it. I’ll be on the build server helping out maybe though. :slight_smile:

exams are over, graduated from school btw :smiley:

-Hydroid (a.k.a Hyken)


Congratulations, and hello Hydroid : )


Congratulations buddy. Yeah, come back. I got some work for you to do, slacker.


Who are you?
Heil Hyken!


Congrats, mate! (Hail Hyken)


Thanks! :smiley:


Welcome back man!




Well, bad news… My laptop is D E A D. I might get it fix or buy a new one, either way it would take some time xD


Man, you just can’t come back lmao.


i fixed my laptop, will come on later xD