How do I get started on Creative?


I’ve just logged on, I am an experienced creative builder (mostly modern buildings on SB Creative and BCS) I have discovered this server, want to try it out and potentially apply for the build team.

I want to get a feel for the server, my username is flembobs- if you see me online can you please give me some guidance and tell me how I would go about building on RealmOfAllura (texture pack requirements, rules, application etc.)
Thank you, flembobs/mewn


Hello and welcome to Allura.

Our build team is currently very tight, and we mainly manage it internally. You are more than welcome to make use of our Plots server however. Be free to send some screenshots to @Siilvarra since if he likes your work he might have some tasks for you!

We are currently undergoing a lot of updates, so there’s a lot of projects going on currently.


Thanks, I assume I should use the server resource pack (I have it downloaded)


Actually no. Would be preferred if you build in vanilla. The resource pack is more for custom items.

Question. Is the resource pack how you found out about us?


No, I was actually hoping in would be in vanilla, I found the server when I was looking for an interesting server bc I’ve been doing modern on a select few servers for a few years and want to try trad and fantasy again.


I’ve been away for a few days and came back to log on and claim a plot but when i try /plot auto it says I don’t have the permission node- I entered my in game name correctly and i show up as a member in chat, can you help?


Are you trying to claim on the plot world, or on the empires world? The empires world looks like a regular landscape whereas the plot world looks like your traditional plots.

If it is the latter you need to apply to built there, but if it is on the plot world that you can’t - then there is an issue there that we will have to look into.

For better response you’re better off joining our Discord.


I spawned on a ship (really amazing build btw) and it said to do /plot auto I’m probably just being an idiot and being in completely the wrong area but I tried the command and I don’t have the permission node.


I will be online in 5 hours or so and I’ll try to see if I’m just in the wrong area, sorry for all this hassle.


The ship is the spawn of the empires world. If you hit /spawn you should go to the regular plot world spawn. There you can then hit /plot auto. Sorry for the confusion.


Thanks, will do. Hopefully all should go smoothly from here on out, I’m looking forward to getting into the server. :upside_down_face:


Nope, I went to the proper plots spawn but when i typed /plot auto I got error occurred: %s. This is getting frustrating- I just want to build on the server!


OK this has uncovered a larger problem that we weren’t aware of. Plot claiming is totally bugged. I believe it’s in relation to WorldEdit clashing with the plot plugin being on 1.12.2. This has been pushed to top priority to be fixed. Sorry for the hindrance!



Issue has been fixed!

You should be able to claim plots as normal, now.