Hi, I'm Jess


Hello! I’m Jess!

I used to be known as tons of other usernames, such as Jxssie, hellojess, and probably any other name with “Jess” in it.

I’m into art, math, photography, tennis, video games, playing my ukulele, and a bunch of other things!

I started playing WoA, I don’t know, a year and some time ago, when my friend Jij invited me.

Now I’m on RoA and I play with hellojoj who isn’t on the forums. Oh! Also anyone who plays bedwars.

That’s that!


ayyyyyyy, heyo jess



Welcome : D


Welcome to the forums!


Hiya Jess :slight_smile:


Hi Jess! Welcome to the server!

…do you like to role play?


Then join us and find the path! (The Northern Realm)