Hello from Valk


Hi everyone,
It’s been a long time no see for most, but I thought that I should poke my head out to say hello to everyone again.

I recently started playing again as I missed building my own settlements and hanging out punching the floor as I run. :smiley:
I will probably be not a super regular player but a lot more than I use to be which was non existant!

So long story short: Hi!

See you around
Valkorerian / Valk Orian / Valk


Welcome back Valk, nice to see another Arborian back on in the community. :slight_smile:


Hey Valk good to see you back.


:smiley: <3


welcome back man :slight_smile:


no longer shall floors and doors be safe!


You are too right, for I am the resource department. :smiley:




Hey Shatter :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:


you’re welcome :wink:


Welcome back Valk!


Wb Valkorian. I feel like I remember but you but I don’t. Shrug


Hey Claire!
Hope your enjoying the games. :slight_smile:


Well don’t you worry good sir, one day I will make an introduction you will remeber. That “shrug” has been noticed.



WoA, house arbor and blood and noodles


omg, that war had the best ending ever xD


I didn’t ever see it happening, but yes it did