Harry’s™ PvP Tournament #2


The next Harry’s™ Tournament is coming soon! It is scheduled to start at 7pm BST on Saturday, 24th February and will include 2 tournaments, and also some special exhibition fights.

Both tournaments will work on a points-based system. Every participant will fight everyone else three times. For each win, you will receive a point, and if you beat your opponent all three times, you will be awarded a bonus point and a special prize!
At the end of the 1st heat, the top two thirds of players will progress to the 2nd heat, after which the top two players will progress to the final and the winner of that will be the tournament champion. The highest scoring players of each heat will also be awarded another special prize!

-Fixed Gear-
The fixed gear tournament has returned!

All gear will be the same as last time and will be supplied to you for free and is yours to keep;
Full Iron Armour,
Iron Sword,
32 Fish,

Prizes for this tournament are as follows:
1st Place - 64 Diamond Blocks, 64 Emerald Blocks, 2 Beacons, 6 Spawner Pickaxes, A Set of all 9 Dragon Eggs.
2nd Place - 32 Diamond Blocks, 32 Emerald Blocks, Beacon, 4 Spawner Pickaxes
3rd Place - 16 Diamond Blocks, 16 Emerald Blocks
Special Prizes - Beacons, Spawner Pickaxes

There is also a BRAND NEW tournament added to the schedule which will replace the BYO gear tournament.

All participants will be supplied with Knockback 1 sticks and whoever falls into the water first is the loser.
In this tournament, there can only be one winner! Special prizes apply for those who do well in the heats but only the 1st place finisher will win a grand prize!

Prizes for SUMO are as follows:
1st Place Prize - 48 Diamond Blocks, 48 Emerald Blocks, 2 Beacons, 6 Spawner Pickaxe
Special Prizes - Beacons

-Flexible Gear-
Flexible gear isn’t gone though! It will come back in the form of 1v1s. In these fights there are absolutely no restrictions on items you can bring! If enough people are interested, these fights will be like half time shows inbetween tournaments and heats.

That’s all, folks!



I would like to sign up for the Fixed Gear tournament and the Sumo Tournament.


I’d like to apply for the fixed and sumo tournament as well please.


Sounds fun I’ll do it. I’ll also contribute 3 stacks of diamond blocks to the prize pool if y’all want. Few spawned picks as well I guess


Alright I’ll donate whats in the chest (the shulker is full of fireworks)


Count me down for the sumo and the Fixed Gear.


■■■■ it im in on the sumo