Halloween Event 2017



Ladies and Gentlemen, hims and hers, Something evil within our server stirs, Rampant beasts who run about, Staff taken captive, and now can’t get out.

Evil Ted has risen, prepare to fight!
Defeat this menace, remove his blight,
Bravery and smarts, both you will need,
Save our Server! It has been decreed!


Evil Ted and his Un-Ted Horde are attacking the server! They’re holding Icalave, Ironly and I captive, and have completely ruined the hub already! Who knows what they’ll do next? You must stop them and save us, and our beautiful server from annihilation!

Using wit, bravery, and teamwork, you and up to 9 of your friends must solve riddles, puzzles and fight your way to Evil Ted, to defeat him in combat and free RoA from his blight!

Starting Saturday the 4th of November and running until Monday the 6th, you can join in on this heroically spooky adventure. Once you’ve got a group (we can help organise these, of course, and we will be running them through a lot of different time zones) you will be sent through the Event portal in the hub, and into the fray! (You don’t need to bring anything with you)

Please note that event is quite challenging, and may take some time to complete.


  1. Follow ALL directions given by the staff GM running the event
  2. You CANNOT do this alone. Do not try to be a hero, work with your team
  3. Do NOT tell anyone the answers to any of the puzzles or riddles. We want this to be fun for everyone. (Not everyone can run the event at the same time. Also no spoilers.)
  4. Normal server rules still apply!
  5. Have fun!
  6. Being on discord with your team is optional, but totally recommended!
  7. Halloween costumes are also recommended!
  8. You WILL DIE a lot. It’s part of the game!


Is there a special spooky prize? : )


There will be :slight_smile:




Oooo spooktober is my favorite month of the year :smiley:


Gurl, we gunna slayyyyyy


Even Ted is excited, pacing up and down the hub.


Spoopy :ghost: :jack_o_lantern:


Where do I sign?


Just show up, no signup needed! :smiley:


This event has now concluded. Thank you everyone for participating!

Here are some screenshots of the event (well, of the ones I ran :slight_smile: ):


RIP Chad