Halloween 2019!


Good evening guys and ghouls, it’s that time of year again, where the spooky things on the server rear their ugly heads once more!

Things are not well and good in Hayshire, and it’s the job of you, and your friends, to complete the ritual to slay the vampire, before the vampire gets you first!

This event is a simple repeatable gamemode, that works much like tag, one player will be the vampire, tasked with slaying all of the other players, while the other players are on a quest to stay alive while trying and locate the 1-3 items (number based on how many players total) needed to kill the vampire. If they manage to find all of the items and hand it into the priest (the staff member running the game) located in the central market, then the civilians will win!

Simple right?

This game is repeatable and will be run all through the upcoming weekend of the 2-3 of November. The first scheduled event will be counted down to at the time below:


Further times to be announced and discussed over discord or in this post comments. Just tag me when you want to play!

The Vampire will be equipped with a 1-hit kill sword, so be sure to stay out of their way.
The players will each have a single speed 2 potion, use it with care.
This map will be set in survival, so make sure you attend with no items in your inventory. Food will be provided.

Thanks to @SpazzAttack1000 for helping me with the build on such short notice <3