Guess Who?


Go on. take a guess on who the heck I am.

Yeah you can get forgotten by the community when you’re off minecraft for a long time. XD

Well if you don’t know who I am, I’m Cixal. I used to be some guy on that old Minecraft server and I was promoted as a moderator.
Then I got demoted after college hit me like a freaking truck.

Uh…what else should I put…?

I hate endermen…?
Yeah I think that’s good.


Well, hey! Welcome back mate. Good to see you here.


Hey Cixal. Good to see you making an official introduction. :slight_smile: Please don’t be afraid to put forward your opinions, suggestions and whatnot. Your thoughts and opinions are very valuable to me. It was our first debate within our former community that led us being both promoted to Moderator, afterall. :wink:


Always the Endermen…always the Endermen.

Anyways, glad to see you’ve made it! :grinning:


CIX!!! Wb <3


new phone, who dis?


Welcome back, man


I have never forgotten you, dude :slight_smile:


Who are you again?


dont worry bro, even though it’s been 533 days since this topic was last revived, I’ll never forget you bro


Purty sure I remember you mate. Wb!