Gods and Men


”Close the gate!”

With a road and scream of cogs and wheels, the portcullii and many-barges doors swung shut, slamming into place with a loud Boom! The soldiers guarding the magnificent construction watched apprehensively, as a storm began to gather overhead. Rain began to lash at the ground, and winds uprooted trees. Directly above the wall, it was raining lightly, but a hundred feet beyond it, a maelstrom of water was pouring down. Hail, unheard of in the temperate climate, annihilated the fields and forests, leaving an impassable wall of hail, rain, and wind rising into the heavens.

Far away, at the capitol, the Emperor looked out, as from the depths of the sea, about two miles from shore, the ocean itself rose in wrath. A storm of wind and rain, a literal wall of water erupted, stretching nigh on a thousand feet into the air. Above it, a downpour continued on, somehow higher than the clouds, winds buffeting the sky, an impenetrable defense, and a trap, of the ocean sealing off the peninsula.

His face grim, but his eyes at peace, Caesar took the reports from his aides. All around the Empire, in a like fashion to the spectacle before his eyes, Valkoria had been completely cordoned off from the outside world. He hoped the ships full of Kavehans had made it home safely, but they were no longer in his hands. Nothing was. His deal with the god having been newly struck, Gaius had expelled all foreigners from the land, and brought the fleet close to shore, scattered all about the various naval bases lining the edges of Valkoria.

Valkoria is now completely cut off from the outside world. The wall of water is impassable, and above it the winds and hail make flying over it impossible. Anyone who wants to write about attempting to get in are free to do so, but all will fail.

I’ll still be around to talk to, and I’m going to keep building, which is now more fun to than RPing. I intend to finish of claiming land throughout the peninsula, but RP is over as far as I am concerned. I will help anyone finish off episodes that I was a part of, if you so will it.