Gift of Flight & VotM Rework


Gift of Flight
The much requested global fly perk has been added to the server shop! This perk allows you to grant access to fly for the whole of the survival server for a total of 6 hours. On expiration of the perk all players will be returned to the ground safely (even if they rejoin at a later time). This is a perk that can be activated by anyone, at anytime. The Christmas 2017 Sale has been applied to Gift of Flight, which ends on January 7th.

VotM Rework
Voting and rewards is something that is always under development and as a further incentive to vote we offered rank upgrades to the top voters. Starting this month we will no longer be offering a rank upgrade as a reward for being a Voter of the Month since we were simply handing out more ranks than we were obtaining via donations. Rank upgrades for Voters of the Month was a temporary solution and we do have other plans for the future, that are being delayed due to Minecraft 1.13. Voters of the Month will now be receiving a Support Token instead. Again, this is a temporary solution, but hopefully will be enough to compensate voting so religiously. Congratulations to eurwen and Kung_Gellert_28 who were Voters of the Month of December.

Patron Early Access
As mentioned a lot of updates are being worked on for the future, some simply delayed by Minecraft 1.13. A lot of these updates are in needing of testing, reviewing and discussion outside of the staff team. Patrons now have limited early access to content we’re working on, including access to our separate test server.


not much of a ‘‘gift’’ of flight if you pay for it :wink:


You’re gifting it to the whole server :wink:




Does the “Gift of Flight” that you buy on the Skyblock server also have a timer, or is that something separate?


Gift of Flight on SkyBlock is personal permanent flight.
Gift of Flight on Survival is global temporary flight.

I may change the terminology (of SkyBlock) soon.