Gamemode Idea - Multi-Tiered Sky-block Survival


Hi guys!
Music here!

I don’t think anybody would actually want to make this, but I’m going to throw this idea out there. What if we had a game-mode styled after how the Sword Art Online game concept works.

Multi-Tiered Sky-block Survival: (Overview)

  • All players in survival mode on one land mass
    -The game-mode is composed of many levels/tiers that the players have to advance to.
  • Each tier is a sky island with resources, structures, and mobs
  • Each tier has a large tower full of dungeons and mobs which leads to the next tier
  • Each dungeon tower is difficult to get through to provide a challenge to players and encourage coop
  • Some tiers will be peaceful, but most will be dangerous with mobs and pvp enabled
  • Boss mobs would be included in locations on the tiers such as caves/fortresses and the tower dungeons
  • The final boss would be on the highest floor. If killed, the game-mode would be beaten and all players rewarded in some way for their efforts

Technical Details:
-The Nether might have to be disabled

  • All tiers would have to be separate islands. (Build height obviously doesn’t allow a bunch of islands stacked on top of eachother)
    -The top of each dungeon tower needs a warp point that leads to the next tier. People should only be able to fast-travel to tiers if the boss of the previous tier has been beaten.
  • New tiers are gradually smaller than the previous tiers.
  • Every tier should have a unique terrain and structures. (Peaceful tiers should look peaceful, dangerous tiers should look dangerous)
  • Tiers should be circular
  • Tiers can be gradually more resource rich. (For example, say diamonds can only be found in a specific tier, or an abundance of wood in another, farm animals in another…stuff like that)
    -Tiers should be big enough so players can share space and resources, but not too big.

Personal comments:
-I dont want this to be an SAO clone. It is a type of enhanced vanilla survival, just with a unique twist and a different ending to the game.
-Also I dont want any SAO references in the game-mode. All mobs, weapons, and items will be MINECRAFT. No custom names for things based on SAO. Just Minecraft or RoA related. Hell, the bosses and stuff could be based off of RoA RP.
-I want this gamemode to be beatable in a month or two. It could be a one time event. Maybe even fit into RoA RP History.

I need more ideas and other people’s opinions! Lemme know what you think guys!




Lol. Only “might”


This is, if even considered, a long project that involves months of building and custom coding. Where we’re at currently, I severly doubt it’s possible.


Im thinking something as vanilla as possible, and not incredibly large


Add classes and it’s sold.


This sounds pretty cool


This would take a lot of planning, man hours and technical fiddling. It is a brilliant idea, but would require a lot of dedication. If anyone attempts to make this, let me see how it turns out. I’ll play! :slight_smile:


How’s this as an example of what Im going for?


well dang…that’s pretty cool!


Its a very quick sketchup in World Painter. Easy to make!


World Painter is lit, I love it.


And then there’s a more hostile looking environment


Once the other builder projects are done, I can do my best to help with this if you want.


Maybe once this project is up and running we can talk about this, because that looks promising. :wink: