Gallery of the Mythics!


Art for those who have purchased the Mythic rank donation package, on public display to show off their greatness, and for your viewing pleasure :slight_smile:

[details=Waiting List]ImmCrez @hannersbananers :thumbsup:
SpikeTheDawg66 @hannersbananers :thumbsup:
Crispy_Toast_ @hannersbananers :thumbsup:
samcv @hannersbananers
HeatherCee @Claire88c
iamlami [/details]

First up, @Crez!

Next, @SpikeTheDawg66, who requested that he be drawn dabbing. This took me far too much time, as well as far too many redraws because I hated the pose. crying I hope you like it, Spike.

@Crispy, who nagged me about making the toast crispy enough. I hope you’re happy?

@samcv, whose picture is now finally being posted!

@Cixal, who always draws nice things for me in return <3.

@Music whose name I really enjoy. It’s like music, but with a mystery.

@VahnAce, who requested him chugging maple syrup (I swear its not alcohol) and holding a cobblestone block in honor of his cobblestone-intensive builds!


That face slightly disturbs me.




@hannersbananers Awesome job! And thanks again!

@shatterjure It’s better in game :wink:


What a lovely profile picture : D


Spike. Why.


Crez is too thicc for us. Also @Claire88c, because I couldn’t think of anything else lmao


As my profile picture now indicates, I believe Hanner’s drawing to be more beautiful than that of Da Vinci of Van Gogh


where am i i am plus de importanter than crispy


That picture of crispy is too good. I HAD to download it.


Nyan Toast :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No joke I photoshopped a slice of toast over neon cat and told hanner to draw it. She did not disappoint. Wish I still had my pic XD


Aye Hanners, I have achieved the lofty rank of Mythic.


Yessss, Draw Music.
Draw him like one of your French girls.
don’t kill me


This is awesome! Great work, love it!


Why haven’t I seen this gallery even though its been pinned…?
Great work Hanns!


Omg didn’t even realize my picture was added here thanks Hanners Ɛ>



@inipotbelly Here’s your Vitruvian Baby Groot. Tried to keep it as close to mimicking the style of the original as possible :slight_smile:


Love it :smiley: