Forum Theme Feedback


As you guys have had almost a month of it now, i’m looking to get some feedback on your thoughts on the Forum’s Theme, your likes & your dislikes about it, any improvements or changes you can think of for it also …

For those that miss the old theme btw, this can still be accessed … simply click on your avatar at the top right, and click on the cog for your personal Preferences …


Click on Interface, and then select ‘Simple Theme’ from the dropdown list, remembering to click on Save Changes at the bottom.



I like the new theme because it adds some color to the otherwise plain forum but still keeps it simple and doesn’t get in the way. the only thing I can suggest is to possible add something to the top bar or spread out the different buttons because as it stands it feels like there should be something to the right of the ROA logo.


Camo, if you scroll down enough, the title of the thread you are viewing appears in that empty space. Everything is fine with the new theme, imo.


I get that it appears for the thread you are viewing, I meant more for the main page when you can see all of the topics.


I like the new theme, but I would prefer to have images remain opaque.