Exploring Tips 101: Don't take a casual stroll into a forbodding temple unless you are a hired professional


Part One: Literally the only thing of note.

The darkness of midnight drowns the bitterly cold winter valley. It is a clouded night, the moon only occasionally breaking through to provide some illumination. The ice crystals and frosted pines form menacing shapes, like needles in the dark. In the mountainside stands a foreboding entrance. Ancient carved stone, faded, covered in icicles, leading to a yet deeper darkness within. The entrance, lined with bones and the occasional piece of frozen flesh, a broken skull lies at the centre of the mound. In the distance, the howls of a wolf pack, hunting for some unfortunate souls to cross their path, echo around, breaking the eerie silence.

C: I’m thinking 6 out of 10 for ominous, what about you?
M: I’m thinking it’s pretty obvious we shouldn’t enter.

A man stand opposed to the entrance, which white coat blending with the surroundings, seemingly unfazed by the harshness of climate. A robot floats beside him, apparently observing the opening as well.

C: Oh come on. There is NOTHING in this valley of interest, or the last one, or the one before, which we didn’t see in the FIRST valley. This is quite literally the only thing of note here.
M: Need I remind you of the obvious remains of other humanoids at your feet? As a general rule of thumb, we should avoid places where death seems to occur.
C: True, though it is practically in the job definition that we…wait…how would that apply to you?
M: What?
C: Rule of thumb, on the grounds of, you know, lacking thumbs?
M: It’s a turn of phrase, ownership of the necessary digits isn’t mandatory for usage
C: Yeah, seems a little odd to me though, what would the equivalent be?
M: I’m not going to alter a well know idiom.
C: Alright, fine. Still, we should go in the cave, after all, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs otherwise.

A distinct stench drifts out of the cave, the smell of decay wafts through the air, the force causing the broken skull to tip off its balance onto the floor, looking at the duo.

C: OOOH, we are up to a 7! We are definitely going in now.
M: Very well then, activating sensors.
The pair move in towards the entrance, the man with a slight skip in his step, moving out of the valley and entering into the abyss.