[Example Faction] Axcom Industries


Axcom Industries

One of the newest arrivals to the realms of Allura, Axcom shook the foundations of the established order and challenged the long standing authority of the Empyrean Kingdom. At least, that is what it looks like to outsiders. To those in the know, the expedition has hit a serious flaw in a ruined drive which tore the wormhole to shreds, trapping the expedition. Faced with the prospect of a long term stay in a strange world, Axcom is carefully weighing its options on its long term future.

  1. History
  2. Origin
  3. General History
  4. Recent Events
  5. Structure
  6. Company Structure
  7. Operation Facilities
  8. Diplomacy
  9. Important People
  10. Fundamentals
  11. Philosophy
  12. Technology

Eyri Prime, Axcom’s home realm, is a dense, highly urbanized realm consisting of a giant cityscape that stretches for a near infinite distance. Technology has advanced considerably, but lacking in anything akin to magic. It has gone through several phases, but currently has a reasonably clean environment, with active measures being taken to keep pollution down.
Constant overpopulation issues has led to a highly automated economy, with the city self-expanding to attempt to meet the constant need for more living space. This also drives the massive need to raw resources to feed this industrial machine, leading to several large corporations to attempt to establish multi-realm companies to meet this demand, as well as the possibility of finding new resources unavailable in Eyri Prime to further the realm.

General History
Hailing from the bustling metropolitan realm of Eyri Prime, Axcom is one of a number of inter-realm companies conducting operations throughout the multi realm. Initially starting out as a small time fabricator firm, they were founded by the great great grandfather of the current leader, Tiberius Axcom. Over the successive generations, it has grown, not only by investing wisely, but by being ruthless in the field, led by the leadership of the Axcom family, turning it into a large super conglomerate. Axcom has fluctuated over the years, with some periods of great prosperity and at other points, facing potential collapse from market forces. However, Axcom has always pulled through, reorganised and stronger for the encounter, where rivals fell to the same hurdles. Today, Axcom has interests in nearly all fields where someone can make a profit, from heavy industry to financial services, advanced research to culture sensations and seeks to continuously expand these interests.

Tiberius and Diana Axcom
Born Timothy Axcom to a small insignificant family, the start of his story is much like that of many children on Eyri Prime. He attended school, where he was successful, but never outstanding. He opened his own small business out of his own pocket. Diligently, he turned a profit, expanding his business, slowly, but surely.
His real break came when he met who would become his partner in both business and life, Diana Stein. Her old family fortune was ploughed into the enterprise, massively expanding it almost overnight. The company soared becoming a serious competitor in several industries and the partnership was cemented permanently.
Their personalities seemed strangely at odds. While Tiberius was tight fisted, Diana opened her purse to nearly every venture. While she was outgoing and attending events, he was sat studying the next big thing to make a fortune. Their opposing abilities made up for the other’s lacking, helping Axcom to develop into what it is today.

Recent Events
As part of a realm-wide project, Axcom helped to successfully develop the wormhole drive, not only proving the multi-realm theory, but allowing travel using established wormholes. Axcom was among the first to test this new device and while the jump was successful, a number of issues were encountered. A critical malfunction occurred during the flight, damaging the drive, possibly beyond repair. Furthermore, the wormhole used was heavily damaged, raising the question that, even if the drive was repaired, the return trip may not be successful.
Thankfully, the local network of portals between the local realms of Allura allows Axcom to move between them in a limited capacity. Great concern lies over the stability of the wormhole they came through, with the group in Allura currently lacking the means to successfully stabilise it to return. Work is currently being carried out alongside a full survey of the newly visited realms, having deployed its exploration teams.

Company Structure
Axcom is broken down into a divisional level, each specialising into a particular field and then subdividing as necessary. With the exception of the central board, which effectively serves as head of the administrative and legal division, each group is given a high degree of autonomy to operate, as long as it adheres to company practice and goals. At its top however, sits the Axcom family, who continue to lead the company.
Leadership is for life, with the successor chosen by the current leader to follow them at their time of passing. That is how it’s supposed to happen. In reality, the leadership tends to get embroiled in corporate intrigue. It is not unheard of that successors mysteriously vanish after a few days following the previous CEO’s death. Even after taking the leadership, it does not protect them from assassination attempts, such as the one that removed the previous leader, Narcissa Axcom, from power.
Many of these divisions existed as previous companies that absorbed into Axcom and in some cases still operate under the previous name.
Some of the divisions include:
• Exploration
• R&D
• Security: (Kymira Defence)
• Resource extraction:
• Agriculture (Zen Agri-Corporation)
• Manufacturing
• Publishing and broadcasting (Jen-X news network and Titanium Records)

Operation Facilities
Axcom Industries operate out of inter-realm vessels that serve as forward operation facilities and are intended to serve fully independently of the rest of the corporate infrastructure. In Nemisan, the ship currently fulfilling this role is the AIS
Currently, Axcom operates out of the large ship used to travel to Allura, known as the AIS Corbelle. Intended as a maiden voyage, it was given a full complement of equipment and crew and functions. It fulfils a number of roles and is a multi-role ship. The ship contains several facilities, including a large trading complex, processing and fabrication facility, hangers for craft, crew quarters and recreational space. This ship is armed, but only lightly to deter potential threats and is not intended as a war vessel. It also helps maintain the wider trading facilities available to the realms.
In addition, several facilities have been established by Axcom, notably communications hubs in the other realms, serving a relay points for Axcom staff to communicate with the main vessel.

Axcom generally stays out of the way of the “local populace” where it can, as it’s already managed to cause issues with the Kingdom. Ideally, it would carry out its operations without getting other nations involved. Though when needed, it generally retains a distant but co-operative relationship. It is willing to trade with farmers, mines and other entities operated by the many independent states for resources and knowledge, also acting as an intermediary between these groups.
It is reluctant to trade many of its advanced weapons and equipment over, well aware that doing so could dramatically destabilise the realm. It is willing to release some advanced equipment into the realms though for wider usage. It does maintain a small but well equipped security force around any facilities it runs to protect them, akin to larger corporations operating in potentially dangerous territory.
It has a particular interest in the materials known to the local population as Redstone and Glowstone, which do not occur naturally in Eyri Prime. The properties of these materials, in particular, their ability to store and generate energy, make them of great interest to Axcom for use in future technologies.

James Axcom
Charismatic, intelligent and ruthless, James Axcom is everything a CEO looking to make money should be. Having inherited the company at a young age, despite the efforts of other family members to prevent him succeeding, he has spearheaded one of the most ambitious growth phases in recent corporate history. He is now entering his 4th decade in charge of the company, but has no intentions of giving up the helm anytime soon.
He maintains a good public image, portraying himself as a caring, yet capable leader looking out for the best interests of all those involved, employee and customer. There is some truth to this and he does make efforts to ensure that those under him are at the very least content with their work. Behind closed doors though, he can be very cold and manipulative, able to completely emotionally disconnect and run entirely on reason. Several takeovers of other firms have been …less than clean due to his machinations.

Vance Axcom
Vance Axcom heads up the mission to the Realm of Allura, hoping to prove himself to his father and inherit the company after his death. While a very capable man, Vance sits in the shadow of James, constantly being compared to his exceptional father. This has led to something of an inferiority complex in Vance, which leads him to overact in situations.
He emulates many of his fathers’ talents, such as a positive profile, though sometimes falls short, as many of these talents do not come naturally to him. Unlike his father, he lacks the cold and ruthless approach and has a more genuine warmer stance with the world, something his father has chided him for. One area that Vance excels at, in comparison to his father, is in engineering and the sciences. While James has an incredible business sense, Vance has an unquenchable first for knowledge and know-how, which makes him all the more aware of the current predicament that the expedition finds itself in.

Larissa V Pommen
Larrisa serves as the very capable second in command of the Axcom expedition. She is a seasoned captain and commander of many previous ventures of Axcom and was honoured to serve as commander under Vance.
Confident, Larissa projects an aura of authority and respect that has served her well, particularly as many of the crew are not always looking at her face. At times, she can be a little headstrong, but she is decisive in difficult situation and has a good call for judgement when the time arises. She offers insight and logical insights into plans being devised, though will argue her point aggressively, sometimes intimidating other crew.
Larrisa started out from the lowest of the low, as an apprentice in Axcom industries as the young age of 14. Through her own hard work and determination, she slowly began to climb the ranks of the company, until she was spotted by Vance during a tour of one of their facilities. The two struck up a friendship and, thanks to the help of Vance, has risen through the ranks quickly, though her skills make her worthy of her position. The two are confidants and are as much friends as colleagues, which made her a natural choice for the expedition.

Axcom puts heavy emphasis on personal development and advancement, alongside company growth. It takes a very direct and logical approach to the realms, reflected in nearly all aspects of life, such as art and educational emphasis.
Unlike many authoritarian groups, Axcom reward employees who use their initiative, attempting to go above and beyond their posts, even if it doesn’t work out as intended. Only serious miss-calculations are looked upon unfavourably in such scenarios. This is backed up by a “you get what you deserve” policy when it comes to both recommendations and pay, making it entirely feasible that a lower rank employee, who does exceptionally, can be paid more than their superiors.
Under the current leadership, those with additional burdens, such as extended dependants, are awarded extra support if they contribute to the company. The company profits less if its employees are distracted by factors outside of their jobs. However, Axcom has no qualms about stripping these additional bonuses if the users are found to be undeserving of these, such as an employee working against Axcomite interests.

Axcom is vastly technologically superior to that of the Empyrean Kingdom, being hundreds of years more advanced, but completely lack any ability in magic and the arcane arts. Equipped with state of the art machinery, it can achieve a basic level of self-sustainability indefinitely, though the expedition was never designed with this in mind. In order to sustain themselves long term, they are looking to trade and establish resource outposts to cover what they need.
Vance and the expedition in general is very aware of the impacts of having these advanced sciences and the long term impacts this can have on nations who are unready for such things. As such, weapons and armour are only provided in HIGHLY unusual circumstances.