[Event] Agents of Darkness


People of Allura!

I am hosting an event. It involves finding clues and exploration.

You can read up the developing story in my episodic series under the Roleplaying category.

The event will happen in 3 or 4 parts.
After each part is completed, another will unlock.

Upon finding the clues, PM me a screenshot of you next to the clue.

The rewards for the event are: 5 emmy blocks, 5 dia blocks and an elytra.

Remember to read the RP story for minor clues.


  • New parts of the story will unlock when atleast 2 people find the part ending.
  • NO CHEATING! Don’t dig tunnels and don’t use items to help yourself around obstacles.
  • Don’t spoil it for others. Write that you finished it but don’t write any details. Also when you find the goal, take a screenshot and PM it to me.

The event is currently on part 2!

Part 1 (Done) : Find the whereabouts of the supply thief. :white_check_mark:

Part 2: Investigate the kidnapping at Kle.


Found the ending :smiley:


Found him!


PM me screenshot, Kung! :slight_smile:


He answered your post right before I did… or are you not talking about the Raven Wings?


Raven Wings?
That event ended xD


Then what supplies do you mean?


The supplies in his camp? Did you not read the instructions in this thread telling you to go read the roleplay episode ‘‘agents of darkness’’?


I thought that was connected to the elytra being stolen…, I’ve read it now however!