[EP Episode][CANON] Foreign Clashes (The Occupation Pt. 1)


Pierre receives the note that same evening.
He writes something back immediately.

I have arranged a meeting at the local inn. I will attach a map
so you have more ease finding it among the tight streets.

I hope to meet you there tomorrow afternoon?’’

-Pierre Laith


Marius was there alright. Along with a maniple of heavily armed legionaries. The soldiers waited outside, while Marius and a few guards were waiting for Laith inside. Admiral Aetius was present as well.


Pierre arrived shortly after. He had a few body guards already waiting inside beforehand and five following him. He signals to the five to wait outside.
’‘General! My pleasure to meet you!’'
He sits down at the opposite side of the table, resting his chin on his hands.
’‘Tell me, what have you in mind?’'


Marius said nothing, and the Admiral spoke up instead. His face was grim.

“I am offering you peace, security, and and Valkorian infrastructure and law. Disarm your troops, and bend the knee to the Emperor. You will pay a tax of 10 sesterces per man per year. Valkoria will furnish a garrison for you, and defend you against foreign threats, as a province of the Empire. You will be allowed to govern yourselves, so long as you pay taxes, and obey the laws of Valkoria. Your ruling council, leaders, or higher government may not go to war without Valkorian leave, or raise troops, but you may consult the garrison commander for military matters. Trade will continue as before, but without any premiums or tariffs whatsoever.”


Pierre’s slight smirk disappears as he lifts his head.
He lets out a sigh.

’‘General. You put forth a tempting offer, really.’'
He says in an almost sarcastic tone.

’‘But the people of Ebongrasp would rather govern themselves WITHOUT the strings attached. Thousands did not die in the revolution so that we may become a vassal, General.’'


Aetius face hardened.

“Thousands more will die if you do NOT agree. Make no mistake revolutionary, this is a demand. The army in your city, and the fleet in your harbor, are here to enforce it. Caesar is merciful, but he will not be refused. And a conquered city will be treated far worse than one which enters the fold willingly.” he snapped.


Pierre stands up quietly.
’‘Le revolyczyn bumyv nye umryczu.’'
He looks down at the general and quickly leaves without saying another word.

He makes his way towards the balloon waiting for him nearby and signals to the balloon flier to take him back to the island.

Suddenly, chemical bombs go off in the palace and other major buildings. Poison gas.
No one is harmed, but those buildings are now contaminated.

To be continued.


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