[EP Episode][CANON] Foreign Clashes (The Occupation Pt. 1)


The Great Revolution is near its end.
The last bands of royalists are being taken care of and there are casualties on both sides.

Settlement after settlement, the empire’s control over its people falls to the hands of the revolutionaries.
But something brews in the air.



Once again sharing joint command, Admiral Aetius and General Marius stood in the deck of the Thunderer, as the flotilla of warships and troop transports began to drop anchor far outside the docks of Ebongrasp’s harbor. Smoke boiling from the mighty engines, the battleships were forced to anchor quite a distance from the shore because of their bulk. The sun gleamed off the dull steel and painted sides, reflecting through the forest of gun barrels. Dots of white covered every ship, as the idlers amongst the sailors looked it upon the land, which few of them had seen.

While the bigger vessels remained in the deeper portion of the port, the lighter cruisers and some of the troop transports did manage to get directly alongside the planks that groaned under the weight of the disembarking legionaries.

”Good luck.” Aetius murmured to the General, who nodded before taking a small boat to o link up with his army. Upon reaching it, he began marshaling his troops.

”I want a cordon 5 blocks out, and set up barricades. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cohorts, stand by. Move.” The legion leaped to obey, and soon a section of the city, so far empty to all appearances, was under Valkorian control. Marius knew that it was not however. Therefore, he led one cohort, fully armed, down the Main Street, heading towards the more expensive and decadent homes of the rich, on the general direction of the palace by means of the central plaza. Here and there, a burned home or spattered blood encrusted on the walls marked a place of violence. The soldiers pushed on.


Pierre was standing on the palace walls, looking down at the harbor in the distance.
Alongside him were his fellow revolutionaries.

’‘Damn it. Why are they here?’' Pierre sighed to himself worryingly.

’‘I don’t know, but they’re friendly to the government. This troubles me.’' Says one of the high ranking revolutionaries.

’‘Prepare an ambush, just in case. And send someone to speak to their general.’'
Pierre orders his men before leaving into the palace, grabbing his rapier.

Revolutionaries ran down from the palace to intersect the Valkorians with hopes of talk as another group prepared themselves to ambush the visitors in case of aggression.


The legionaries, their armor glimmering, did not meet with the revolutionaries. Instead they reached the plaza, and formed a bristling wall of towering shields and deadly gun barrels. All was still, except for a few birds twittering overhead on rustling wings.

Marius lifted his speaking trumpet to his lips, and bellowed in the well-trained voice of a soldier and public speaker.

“We are here on behalf of the Emperors Garias, and Xial II. I am General Marius. To those who have had no part in this, remain in your homes, and keep your families close.” He paused for breath. “But to those who have rebelled against their rightful rulers, surrender or be treated as the enemy. Martial law is now in effect. Anyone found in the streets after 7 pm until 7 am will face the consequences. To the leaders of this insurrection, hand over the Xials and you will be granted a fair trial. If not, you will be treated just the same, but we will have to BRING you before the judge.” Marius hung the trumpet from his belt again. He snapped his fingers. The formation dissolved, and formed into a testudo, covered from all sides with shields of metal and wood sheltering the troops as they began pushing towards the palace again.

4 maniples broke from the newly built encampment at the harbor, and quickly dashed to the walls, and began systematically taking control of the gates. No one could enter the city now, and no one could leave it.


At the palace, Pierre and the revolutionaries sat at the table in what was previously the hall of the Concord.

A man suddenly comes rushing in.
’‘PIERRE! The Valkorians… have taken control of the gates! We’re trapped inside the city!’'

’'What?! Where is the party I sent?!'’ Pierre angrily replies, slamming his hand on the thick table.

’‘I don’t know, sir. But even with the defected soldiers, our numbers are too thin to stop them directly. Guerrilla combat may be our onl-’' The man responds before being cut off.

’‘Organize your guerrilla and get me and Alexander a balloon. We’re heading to Raven’s Perch so we can rally the men there.’' Pierre says, getting ready to leave to tell Alexander the plan.
’‘Oh. And rally the orcs, too.’' He stops, grins and then leaves.

@Holy if u wanna join us, here’s your chance <3


Moving swiftly past the drab buildings, and bloodstained walls, the cohort and General Marius was fast approaching the palace. Halting someways outside it, the legionaries began deploying into a wedge shaped formation, a arrowhead of bristling swords, shields, and bayonets. Marius lifted the speaking trumpet to his lips once again.

”Unless the Emperors are handed over within the next half hour, we are coming in to get them. Anyone found inside WILL be treated as a combatant. You have…” he checked his watch, ”30 minutes, starting now!”

The maniples guarding the gates quickly setup barricades and defenses facing both in and out, a few machine guns nests adding more defensive firepower from their new mounts on the wall.


A high ranking revolutionary now stands on the palace wall and cries out;
Hands behind his back, he waits for a response.


So the situation has changed… Marius thought. With no Emperors to rescue, his orders had been somewhat unclear of what his mission would be.

“Bring out your leaders. I would discuss with them.” he shouted.


After some hesitation, the tall gates of the palace open up. Out steps Bys Muthandri, a higher ranking revolutionary. He slowly makes his way to Marius with two fighters by his side as body guards.

He stretches out his hand and requests a handshake.


Marius, his armor rattling slightly, ignored the outstretched hand, placing the speaking instrument at his belt again.

”Who are you?”


''I will be speaking on behalf of our leaders, who sadly cannot be present at the moment.
Any discussion you wish to have, I will forward to them.’’

He removes his hand and puts it behind his back alongside his other one.


”I am here to restore order. My orders are clear. Any troops under arms must disband, and turn their weapons over. Those who do not, will be treated as murderers and criminals.” Marius’ resolve hardened. He hated the rapidly changing circumstances of politics, and much preferred the simple bloodshed of the battlefield to the debating of morals or trade.

”I also have an ultimatum for your leaders.”


’‘But order is restored, friend. The people are free. The tyranny of Motoism dead, just like its preachers.’'

He fixes one side of his coat.

’‘Tell your higher ups that… your presence is not necessary here.’'


Ignoring the man’s words, Marius spoke fast and with intensity. He had had three orders, but only one of them applied now.

”Ebonsgrasp is gone. Caesar has decreed that this city is now under Imperial control. I am here to enforce this decree. Any dissenters will be put to the sword. Lay down your arms, or you shall be treated as a hostile foe.”


Bys’ bodyguards tense up as they hear that.
But the man himself stays calm.

’‘We fought hard so the people of this land can live free of oppression and tyranny. The revolutionary effort managed to beat forces none of you could even imagine…’'

He turns around and takes a few steps, nodding.

’‘We will NOT become subject to foreign aggression. This can end in bloodshed on both sides, General… Or it can end with both of us gaining.’'

He turns his head towards one of the Valkorian soldiers.

’‘I trust your emperor is a man of reason? Of opportunity?’'
He asks


”Caesar is merciful, and just, both of which your former rulers were greatly lacking in. Bend the knee, and you may have leave to govern yourselves in anyway you please, albeit with a small Valkorian garrison to defend you. You need only pay a small tribute in return.” Marius carefully spoke, his inexperience in such matters showing. His words were true however.


’‘We… can arrange that. Of course this not mine to decide, but rest assured this will reach the leaders’ ears. I’ll tell you this though; tell your emperor that we’re open for talks.’'

He gives a small smile, nodding more positively then signaling one of the bodyguards to deliver the news.


”I’m not going anywhere. I will await your response at the camp in the harbor.”

Marius turned, snapped out a command, and the cohort fell back through the streets to the harbor defenses, where a legion camp and sprung up, leaving the Ebonsgraspian behind him, standing in the street. He then called Admiral Aetius, and sent a message back to Valkoria via Nuntian code, transmitted with long-wave radio.


’‘Sir, the messenger has been sent to Raven’s Perch. He should arrive in half an hour.’'
The body guard returns and informs Bys.

They return to the palace.

2 hours later.

A rider lands via dragon in front of the Valkorian camp and offers a note.
It says:

''Occupiers. Speakers. What have you;

I speak as Pierre Laith, revolutionary leader.

It has come to my attention that my comrade
has arranged talks with your kind. I approve.

Tell your great emperor, a just man as I’ve heard,
that we wish to perhaps meet face to face soon,
so that we may put this… series of misfortunes behind us,
and that our nations may once again be on
friendly terms.’’

-Pierre Laith


The legion, warned beforehand of potential dragons, was prepared, and waiting. Only the sudden arrival of Marius kept the beast from meeting a rapid and painful end at the hands of the heavy artillery and machine guns mounted within. Instead of bloodshed however, the General accepted the note, and read it, before giving his response.

Caesar has appointed myself and Admiral Aetius to oversee negotiations here. There will be no talks between the Emperor and yourself. If you wish to debate the terms, meet me at a suitable point on neutral ground, and we may talk.
General Marius