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So you want to keep your items after you die because you don’t like capitalism?


Yes. And, you will note, the majority of people like KeepInventory, and @Icalave himself put it in. This is going off topic not 25 mins after I made it, too.


Lemme add my two cents on this. For one, ica told us to stop talking about it because he wants to consult claire. And two, the void is pretty much the only thing that can kill you at this point. You, as a donator with /back would know. I feel we’re making the game too easy, in a dimension and world that was created to be dangerous, and harbours one of the best items there is to find. Reward = Risk.


Noones truly forcing you to buy anything, its why the model of capitalism doesnt work on minecraft. Anyone has the capability to create basically everything, without requiring advanced machines, like in real life. Those of us who chose to put in the effort of making those machines, should have the right to reap benefits. If you do not wish to purchase, make : p


if only i could remember who posted this … (and that cached google mode would come in handy)

KeepInventory enabled when falling into the Void - Suggestions …
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8 Jan 2017 - 10 posts - ‎8 authors
I don’t think a plugin like this could be considered a cheat in vanilla, as I think there’s very little people dying in the end without trying to fly the …


Lie to him if you must but don’t BS me holy. You very well know you cant make elytras, and if every end city is raided by you first few who take it upon themselves to get to the end on day 1 after launch, you cant make shulker boxes either. His poor little arse cant go to the end and explore it using stacks upon stacks of blocks to make bridges over the void in areas you’ve FAR SINCE blazed over 90 times faster with your elly, searching for the treasure that was already found. What your saying he should do is like trying to make a homemade OS and sell it while Windows is the standard. Impossible competition, because you’ve got the head start, and then the ball just kept rolling.

Now, my opinion on this: Leave it as it is.


The real reason KeepInventory on is not because of any kind of capitalism or consumerism. It’s not political.

On Atlas, we were absolutely SPAMMED with people who used elytra and “glitched” into the void somehow. And all of them very very loudly complained about wanting their stuff back because it was a server bug and totally not their bad connection.

This stops that. God I got that at LEAST twice a day.

Also, if you could toggle it, no one would really actually toggle it. Elitist-style players might say they will, but they’d lose too much of their advantage if they lost their god-tier stuff.

The rich aren’t going to want to toggle on dying either.

I also agree that you guys have it way too easy. The void should kill you and you should lose your stuff. You’re literally falling into an infinite abyss.

Ica and I will chat about this but seriously, quit yer bitchin


Yey for Claire <3


How about falling into the void in the end would teleport you to Y:300 with the same X and Z values as you were in the end. That would give some penaltie; If your Elytra broke, you’d die. If you didn’t have one; the same. If your Elytra didn’t break, you have a second chance, but can’t fly back into the void, thus losing all of your exploration progress.

I mean, the end biome is “Sky” after all…


No its not.

‘‘The End is the third and final dimension in Minecraft.’’

^ Straight from the wiki.


Like claire said, im feeling pretty babied. Its a good suggestion though.


Back to my toggle idea. You stop feeling babied & I don’t lose my stuff to shulkers.
And how is Holy, severely outnumbered, somehow making important people agree that everyone needs a harder life. I have been killed like 15 times by shulkers. Sometimes it gets to instakill b/c NZ wifi, meaning /back useless (by the time I get to respawn I’m already dead). And surely I can’t be blamed for being born here.


I’m from Australia. We’re like the same distance away from the server and I don’t have these issues, so your relative distance isn’t the cause and it’s definately on your end not ours. Maybe you need to invest in better internet within your household or stop playing games when others in your house are downloading stuff, you’re probably just lacking in bandwidth.


We have the best router on the market rn. Fiber’s not available till next year and I play only when noone else is on the internet.
It’s not about distance from the server either. My friend who is super into computers said that about the fastest internet in NZ is like 200mb/s without fiber. It’s not connecting to the server, it’s connecting to the internet.
It is on my end but I (well my parents really) am not in a position to improve it.
And if you ask anyone who was on when I found my End city, I died so many times so fast it was ridiculous. Half Internet, half just shulkers being evil.
Not to mention the constant AAC kick.


I can’t imagine the pain, AAC really sucks atm :confused:


Except for the fact i removed AAC about 2 days ago now :stuck_out_tongue:


Haven’t been on in a while.
#Icalave for prez!
Thanks a ton.


Gotta agree with claire here… This is the exact reason economy exists. The end is too dangerous for you to go, so purchase the items you can get in the end by mining in the overworld. Im not sure why we should keep this gamerule on for the benefit of one bad internet :stuck_out_tongue:


*takes log of what holy just said for the day he lags out and unjustly dies in the end and looses his things to the void *


Ara, when holy dies, he goes to the armoury, and takes another set : p